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  • SkylarkNZ Level 1 Level 1

    When I purchased my 27" iMac in May 2011 it worked flawlessly with my DLINK 604T modem router which also supports a Dell desktop PC, an HP laptop, a 2010 iMac 21", a 2006 iMac 20", and 2 12" Powerbooks, an iPad2 and a Playstation 3.  However after about 3 months, my 27" iMac started to drop its connection, all the others continued to work perfectly.  I lived with the problem for a few months by switching airport off and then back on, whence it would work for a few hours before losing connection again.  I visited this thread and tried all the solutions suggested with varying degrees of success, but all eventually resulting with dropped connections again.  I then installed a Netcomm repeater alongside the DLINK and the problem disappeared and I presumed the problem must have been the DLINK.  About 3 months later the problem returned and I still have it.  Whenever the connection drops now I just switch to the DLINK and then back to the Netcomm when the connection fails again.  I also discovered that if I switch to an alternate user account the connection returns, even without switching routers or reseting airport.  This suggests to me that the problem is not hardware but software related.  Apple are obviously aware of the problem but are confounded by it and can offer no solutions.  Next I will try JohnPan's solution when I have time, but I suspect it will be a temporary solution like all the previous so called "solutions".  My 27" iMac is the only one running Snow Leopard, all the other Macs are running Leopard or Tiger, and the PCs are running either Vista or Windows 7.  I will be interested to see if JohnPan's solution works for anyone on a long term basis.

  • StickySadness Level 1 Level 1

    Lol nvm i have no idea why it was working then.


    all i know is have 200 days left on warranty, after they play grab *** for a few weeks i really hope i get a new laptop.


    Pc has never looked so good


    2500 dollars is too much for this nonsense

  • cohensisters Level 1 Level 1

    It is awful a disgrace. It is the 3rd computer I am buying and I am done with it. I am going back to PC. Since apple doesn't care for what they create, besides fancy design. Typical superficial approach. Instead of getting the basis right they are keen on developing new things without being able to supply the basics. Please if anybody has figured out how to keep the airport connection going please let me know. Right now it is a nightmare.

  • laurenmay1 Level 1 Level 1

    Look back at my posts.


    They will replace your MBP.  Call Customer Service.


    Do not spend one more minute agonizing over this.

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    Just throwing it out there, is there any of you who are experiencing connection problems with your routers (not dropping connections) who have modified your region settings?


    I just started using MonoDevelop to learn C# and experienced some strange output errors when automatically formatting units, it did not work.


    I have been using a "temporary" workaround that has become a more permanent solution for me, using a separate location and static IP to be able to connect to the router. However, after experienceing the issues with MonoDevelop, I checked my settings:


         System Preferences -> Language & Text -> Formats


    For some reason, my "Region" was set to Custom. This was apperently causing issues finding some symbols and so forth. I remembered that I had seen some points in the Logs indicating that I was at location X and had countrycode X1 instead of correct country code while trying to connect over WiFi.


    So, I set my Region to Sweden (since this is where I live) and hit OK. The MonoDevelop issues dissapered lika a bottle of vodka on a friday night. To my big, BIG, suprise, I fired up the airport using the "Automatic" location when I got hope, just out of curiosity and guess what? Stable WiFi connection using the same ISP and router as over the last 4 years... No strange log messages.


    So, is there anyone else experiensing issues with strange X1-X5 codes in their logs that cannot connect to their routers following this forum? I am very cuorious to se if this works for anyone else.

  • amandepp Level 1 Level 1

    back again!
    I found something doing which my wireless has been stable lately.

    I have been posting for a while so you know I have tried all solutions.

    Hopefully this one is not yet noticed, correct me if I am wrong.


    I changed the password so I had to update in Keychain access. In the login list and for the airport, under the "Access control" tab, I chose "allow all applications". It only hd, Network for me.


    Please check if this helps you too.

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1

    Almost a week has gone by, still connecting without issues. My MBP wakes from sleep and connects, restarts and connects.


    I would have never considered this minor detail to affect how I connect to my router, but its hard to argue with the results.


    // Gus

  • SkylarkNZ Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the tip gusgrave.  I've been solid for 5 days now

  • gusgrave Level 1 Level 1

    That's really nice to hear! Happy for you!


    I just assumed that the formatting settings of language, time and date did not affect the choice of physical region for use, but obviosly I was way off... I just changed decimal sign from the Swedish "," to "." since I do most of my work in English and the way dates and time are presented to the user (YYMMDD).


    This obviously screwed up a lot of things that I did not realize, among other things, the compiling and execution of system settings dependent code. Now, Excel no longer considers my values as numbers and AWK no longer calculates correct decimals. So, I fixed the WiFi, but I have a lot of search-and-replace "." with "," to do.


    // Gus

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    Just spent 10 minutes with Chris in the Buchanan Street apple store in Glasgow, Scotland.


    wifi problem fixed! there was a trojan on my macboof pro which altered the DNS and blocked my access to webpages by redirecting all the time.


    So far (40 mins) has not recurred! Recommend dropping in to store therefore!

  • choddo Level 1 Level 1

    That's a very different problem than most people are having where the actual wifi connection is failing, not just access to sites being disrupted.

  • Landing Gear Level 1 Level 1

    Finally (cross my fingers) found a solution which most of you won't like!


    I've been loitering around this forum to find an answer to my internet problems but NOTHING worked more than 24 hours.


    The only thing that has worked for me was to GET A NEW ROUTER. I've been downloading huge files and uploading a lot while watching youtube videos without any problems for the last 3 days.


    I had the Time Capsule that's kinda old.


    One weird thing is the internet problem only effectes my rMBP. I have 13" MBP, 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2 wireless printers, Apple TV and occasional wireless guests and none of them have had this issue.


    - Landing Gear

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    I am having similar issues with my MBP. I randomly lost connection earlier today and have been unable to reconnect. I am currently connected to the same network via my iPad (where I am actually posting this from), but my wifi on my MBP is prompting me unable to connect (with an exclamation point in the status bar).


    I don't know whether it is because the router is equipped only with a WEP password and needs to be upgraded to a WPA or if another problem lies...

    If I'm able to connect from my iPad and iPhone, I should not have any issue with my laptop. I have even tried manually entering the info from my iPad wifi settings to my network settings on my MBP and still no luck. I have checked my firewall and other security settings on my laptop and everything seems to be correct.


    Please someone offer a solution that does not involve purchasing a new router.

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    Like everyone else here, I'm also having wifi issues. My macbook air is 2 months old and from the very start has always lost connection pretty often. Up until last week it would always get right back on after a minute or so.


    Now, it will not work at all on the network at my university, which is also my place of employment. It works everwhere else that I have tried. Nobody else (at least 20 people) that I have asked have had a single problem getting on the network at the university including some with macbooks.


    I have called several times about this and each time have been told that it is most likely a problem with the network, not with the computer? How can this be? They sent me a proram that is susposed to help them see what is going on when I am unable to get on the computer.


    This is so frustrating. If I can't get on at the University my computer is pretty much worthless. Since it is so new, what do you think my chances of apple replacing parts until this problem is solved is? If they will not, how much would it be to repalce all of the wifi hardware?


    Any suggestions? The other thing is I'm about to lose my free apple care so I am faced with spending a bunch of money to extend it.


    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • ekremers Level 1 Level 1

    Is there anyone else at your university who is experiencing the same problems with a Macbook? Did you ever experience the problem on any other network? (it usually doesn't appear until you have used the network a few times, i don't know why) First I guess you should establish that it's really not a problem specific to the university network, but that it's a problem with your macbook. Once you've confirmed that, take it back to the store where you bought it and demand they fix the issue. You can also try going directly to an authorized service center instead of the apple store. (