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    I love this post series...


    Here is how i beat it: I bought a USB ethernet adapter, its working great.  Apple is never going to fix this issue.  Getting a USB adapter is a workable solution.  It brought the usefulness of my laptop back from the dead.  Just make sure you get a mac compatible one of course.

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    Eh? It has an Ethernet port already.

  • Slawesome Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, true it already has an Ethernet port.  What I am referring to is a USB to wireless Ethernet adapter.  It plugs into your USB and provides wireless Internet connectivity.

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    I have experienced the same problem, but only on my home wi-fi. While at the office I am connected to the wi-fi using WEP authentication and the connection does not drop. I figured therefore that it is not the hardware, but a config setting. I have since changed the security mode on my BILLION W40 router to WPA2-PSK. It displays under the TCP/IP settings in Network Preferences next to the wireless connection name as WPA2 Personal.


    Works perfectly fine and has not dropped again.


    See screen shots:


    Router >


    Network Preferences > Wi-Fi


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    I too have the same issue. It is rather irritating that I can be surfing, and then it randomly quits. Prior to my MBP I never had a problem. I am rather unimpressed by the lack of support that we are receiving on this. In general I just feel that the Apple brand is lacking lately. I rather regret the fact that I purchased this computer simply because I have to purchase functionality that comes standard in windows based computers.


    Just because we decided to purchase a Macbook should not mean that we should have to spend hours trying to fix our routers .etc that to every other device, works fine. They should being trying to accommodate us, not the other way around. "Well maybe our product will work if you try this..." I am not an amateur when it comes to the Internet, but I am also no pro when it comes to dealing with routers.


    Its sad that I can be surfing facebook and when I decide to play one game it can take hours for it to load, with out a restart. When I am running basically a brand new computer, If I wanted to wait longer I would A) use my old PC or B) not pay for the "Extreme" package my ISP offers.


    As I stated before, the general lack of service is just irritating. I also have a rant about the HOURS I have to wait for a "Instant Streaming Rental" with my AppleTV... but I will save that for the appropriate forum.

    Best of luck to everyone experiencing this, as I know how ****** I get when it comes to dealing with it.

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    I've been having this problem for about a year. Internet constantly just "timed out" - every 15 minutes at times while I was using it - or anytime the computer 'went to sleep'. I've tried tons of things to fix the problem and spent even longer trying to fix my screw up when messing with the router. I seem to have found my problem though!


    I have Comcast Cable and just got a new modem from them and set it up 3 days ago...since it has been swapped out the internet hasn't timed out at all. (*knock on wood*).  Just wanted to share what worked for me!

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    Hoping it might help someone, here's my brief entry.


    I just bought a 2TB Time Machine, and set it up as my primary router. Found my MBP was dropping in and out, but new iPad looked stable. Wife's iPhone4 had trouble connecting, though. I tried many, many things, but in the end found that I had incorrectly set the TC as needing PPoE authentication, when (obviously, in hindsight) it didn't. The modem handles that.


    I went back and restored keychain permissions, reinstated 5 GHz operation, changed channels back to 'automatic', etc etc (all the things recommended in this thread, that I had tried).


    Now it all looks good. The old Airport Express will extend my home network to the kitchen, and should handle the printer as well.


    All the best!

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    Hi All,


    I bought new MBP, it is mid 2012. Since the beginning, it is dropping internet connection while wifi seems connect. I read this topic and my last solution is change from wireless-a (mixed) to only wireless-g, because i have wireless-g systems. At this time İ have doing ping test, for instance i ping 1000 second ping, and result is rarely single  4 or 5 times request time out. Also I tested only wireless-n option i got almost same result. But If i use mixed wireless option it drops packages about 10-20 seconds every 30 minutes, then wifi connection comes normal it self. ı also looked neigberhood wireless channels, and change to dedicated free channel on the router. But this is not wireless router issue i guess, because i used to have different router that same problem exists.


    This is very known issue, and some people had their wifi card change, and porblem goes away.


    So I want to ask you, my case, 4-5 single package lose for 1000 times, is this normal or do i have to ask local apple technical services about this issue for like changing wireless card or continue using mbp with this issue.


    edit: I still continue test my connection that trying ipv6 option activate/deactivate.


    i wonder your opinions on this issue.



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    Be REAL careful about taking your piece of **** into the genius bar. I've been tryin to get this resolved for a while. One day my computer wouldn't turn on and was acting strange. The genius bar said my "logic-board" was "fried" due to water-damage (Who know's from what) and was going to be over a grand to repair because water damage, YUP YOU ******* GUESSED IT, voids the applecare that my stupid *** was con-ed into purchasing.


    I looked at the "genius" for a couple seconds, said "ya prolly," grabbed my laptop, turned around and left.




    I'm using it right now.


    Everything works fine, except the airport card STILL will not function correctly.




    fried ******* logic board? a smc reset isn't going to fix a spooky sounding thing like a "fried logicboard." At least I wouldn't think so, because a grand or two is alot of money to ask from people to hold down a couple a buttons while you power their laptop on for them to REPAIR THIS MYSTERIOUS FRIED LOGIC BOARD.


    ******* thanks again, apple. You sure know how to make a person sorry for trusting you.


    I cant wait to chuck this piece of **** and get a real machine.

  • AppleFixitGuy Level 1 (15 points)

    My computer started freezing and the ******* Bar said, "the only option was to reset my computer and loose all my data" I later figured out all I had to do was reset the SMC. Too late 

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    I have made more tests with another modems, i figured out that the wireless router is problem. macbook is fine. What made me faulty is other systems has no problem but macbook was getting ping time outs. That is some router-macbook inconvenience. Anyway, sorry for that.

  • gusgrave Level 1 (25 points)

    Replying to my own post....


    I'm not a computer genious, still I have a touch o OCD and still hung up on this issue. I see this thread died at november 12, does this meen that you're all set?


    I threw out a suggestion and it solved the issue for (at least) one person (I'm still running flawlessly so I guees practically that's 2 persons), are there still people out there experienceing these issues who have not modified their regional settings that need help? I'll throuh some time you way if you interrested.


    // Gus "yes-I-have-been-drinkin', pardon-any-grammar-or-spelling-errors" Grave

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    Had the problem of losing my internet connection on my macbook. My other three windows computors had no issues.

    With my other computors working I never suspected that the router was the issue, but rebooted the router anyway and my problem with the mac went away.

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    I seem to have found a solution to this problem (not sure if mentioned already, don't feel like reading over 100 pages of comments).  I've been having this problem with the connection to the time capsule at my office either dropping the connection or just having 2000+ms latency.  This was only happening at my office but was not happening to my coworkers, one of which has the same macbook as me (macbook pro - mid 2010).  What I discovered is that my connection would switch from the 5GHz to the 2.4GHz connection and my connection over 2.4 GHz was really bad.  I changed the time capsule to have a separate SSID for the 5GHz and 2.4GHz which seems to have fixed the problem.  Now my laptop doesn't randomly switch to the 2.4 spectrum and I don't have network connectivity problems.


    Not sure why it was switching but I did notice that it had recently started trying to do a time machine back up when it did, so maybe it had something to do with that.

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    A big Thankyou to you all - I have read the first page of discussion and can see I am not alone.  I am living at a caravan park working away from home so the wifi is important to me keeping in touch on my new MacBook Pro.

    It has been driving me to drink - ok, you're right, I do enjoy one or two anyway.

    I purchased a Wireless USB Adapter  802.11N which came with a mini disk for installation.


    My MBP would not acknowledge the mini disc and would not acknowledge the presence of the USB antennae .


    Is there no way I can install this device to improve wifi reception ?