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    Dear Choddo and vServo:


    Please don't despair, and don't waste any time trying to figure things out.


    Complain to Apple ASAP.  Start a history of requests for help.  Give it a month or so (during this time, I would call every day).  Then call Apple Corporate - Customer Service.  Tell them its costing you business/personal losses, and you need a new MBP.


    THAT is the only solution.  I've posted this many times on this site, but not sure how far back the new people read.  Many of us have received new MBPs - some the same day (I received mine the day after I called Apple corporate.)


    The weird thing is:  all posts here are temporary fixes.  There is some kind of problem with MBPs manufactured in 2009/2010 - and possibly other years.  Apple is replacing once you have attempted (without success) to fix.  THEY ARE AWARE OF THE PROBELM - but for some reason are remaining quiet. 


    I believe at some point there will be some sort of action - class (messages here are censored - but I hope you get the idea).  For now, follow the above.  You will get results.


    Best - L

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    Whatever the reason, bug, issue - Main symptom is - Wireless is getting disconnected


    You all can try the solution



    Its pretty straight forward to implement


    Although it is a temporary workaround - it does solve the purpose - Ensure that you all stay connected & dont have to go through the manual hassle of reconnecting everytime wireless gets disconnected.


    Whether its a router issue, MBP issue or apple just being a <whatever>......sometimes it best of users to use workarounds...

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    Having posted back in September 2012 I find it amazing this issue continues. Since my original purchase (2 years ago) I am on my 4th MBP! I've suffered a sunken track pad, a hair behind the screen and 2 separate wifi issues - I finally (fingers crossed) have a machine that can hold the WiFi and has no other defects.


    It's great to see everyone trying to help each other with fixes but as stated numerous times these are ONLY temporary fixes.


    The last visit to the "Genius" (I hate that position name, pure arrogance) bar was one of my worst retail experiences. They refused liability, refunded me the wrong amount and eventually (through sheer determination due to anger and frustration) battled to the right conclusion - a machine that can HOLD WIFI!


    Anyone with the issue - you need to get a replacement - I tried all fixes on 2 separate machines, they didn't work.


    Good luck

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    It has been a long time since I posted! I have lost WiFi 2 times since figuring out that my router needs to be "greeted" by either native, english or X3 SCID handshake in order to connect. I've personally wrecked the WiFi 2 Times, first it was a "left over" p2p filtration script and the 2nd time I suspect it was freenet tray that interferred.


    I am however one of a growing number of unhappy iPhone 5 users that has been suffering from connection issues. I have resolved that issue as well (95% of the time). However, it seems that Apple has major connectivity issues across the board. From my end, both MBP and iPhone 5 issues were/are 100% software related.


    I'll be happy to throw time at any user trying to resolve connection issues! If your WiFi fails, try another connection. If it works at starbucks or at the office, (only fails at home) I'll be glad to try helping out! If all WiFi-access fails, get in touch with Apple and demand service, refund, replacement... whatever! We need to make suppliers accountable, we need to reinstate the old principle: the customer is always right! Not the current; the chepest alternative is always right!


    As usuall, any type-o-s are ethanol related at the time of posting this message!

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    I thinks its not a hardware problem. Apple has to fix OS X. because there are a lot of people with windows running in the same hardware with no wifi issue. and that i think says a lot.

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    Guys i've been having this problems since last thursday... I tried everything that was written on this topic, i checked on youtube for solutions, forums, blogs, etc. Nothing worked... today i went to a public library and i noticed that their network wasnt droping like mine at home... Later, I came home, i tried my network, my neighboor's network and wifi was still droping/disconnecting automatically...




    SOLUTION: i changed my router settings from WPA-PSK to WPA2-PSK (like the library's network).... Wifi didnt drop anymore since then (2 or 3 hours ago)... I hope it works

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    Just wanted to chip in that I have the exact same problem with my MBP. I will follow the recommendation of consulting Apple Support. Thanks

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    I am having this problem...mainly at work.  My IT guy has been here many times and keeps telling me its Apple.  I have been noticing that everyone else on my hallway seems to be fine with their....(windows).  My Macbook Pro is only 7 months old.  Who do I call?  The Apple store?  When I ask about support, it says I'm not elgible for telephone support...that it has expired.  Thanks

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    Dear Realtor:


    If your MBP is only 7 months old, you can buy Apple Care for up to a year of your original purchase.  DO IT !!!

    It is around $275 or so.  But you can call and start building your history.  Also you get free genius appointments.


    Certainly, you could have found this info out on your own through the Apple Store, or Apple Care, but perhaps you don't know if it's worth it:  it is.


    Then follow my recommendations from my last posts.


    Good luck - L

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    Has anyone considered the Beacon Interval definition is 100 kilo-seconds and not 100 micro-seconds?


    A few people who seem to come and go rapidly adjust the Beacon Interval and say their problem goes away.


    The bug could be on either side, base station code, or Apple wireless code in OSX.


    If one "assumes" 100 microseconds is close enough, the "bridge" over the association could look like Wylie Coyote in an old Road Runner cartoon.


    For example:


    MacBook "sleeps" based on 102.4 micro-seconds because the base station reported 100 as the Beacon Interval. But when it wakes back up the association won't pass traffic, the base station has timed the connection out. Leading to the MacBook "roaming", and any attendant DTIM packet loss from the base station flushing its buffers thinking that the MacBook abandonned its connection.


    You could set the base station Beacon Interval to 50, which would "halve" the "unbridged" temporal distance to 51.2 micro-seconds. It would still "happen" but less of the time.


    At 25 the distance would only be 25.6 keep doing that and sooner or later it should fall under the tolerance of the chipset discrimators.


    The down side is that increasing Beacon packet traffic, will decrease available bandwidth. But at "g" or "n" speeds there is an awful lot of available bandwidth.


    If it were the [other way] there would be an overlap.


    But Apple could have the "bug" and be "expiring" an association prematurely due to its internal calculation based on 100 not 102.4 (as an example).


    I could see this as adjustable in the wireless AP or wireless router, they often expose the setting. But I don't see it being accessible in Apple firmware or driver code for the chipset.


    Since the Apple AP might be found to be more reliable with Apple products, it could be the code is either standard or non-standard on both sides in Apple products. I would guess that would be the gear they regularly test with.


    Should be an easy enough test.


    If you have access to the AP, adjust the Beacon Interval downwards, and plot Beacon Interval setting versus Incident Interval and I'll bet its something like a curvelinear relationship.


    Should help with iPhone and other mobile devices too, since Beacon Intervals were originally optimized for workstations back around the turn of the Century. They need a bit more topology information in a real time manner to stay on top of the game. People don't move at the speed of Superman, but they do move around a lot more than a sedentary desktop.

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    Just amazed that this problem still persists. I purchased my first 15" MBP in Feb 2013, within days for no obvious reason this problem occurred, wireless connected but no Internet. All other wirelesses devices on my network operated fine.


    I found that turning the wireless off  and on on the MBP  would bring it back for a short time, I ran terminal and did some ping tests to my ISP, the ping times were ever increasing up to 1000's ms. Decided to ring APPLE support who were most helpful but after hours of testing  the only resolution was to delete my current user account and create a new account, this resolved the problem for nearly 5 months. Then literally overnight the problem was back again, exactly the same as before.


    I ran the same tests and  decided to initiate the guest account to see if the problem occurred when logged into that,  the problem was gone, logged off guest and logged back into my  user account the problem is back. I then created a new user account  and logged into that, and no problems with that account.


    So in conclusion I am stumped, I have tried most of the fixes for this problem including channel swaps on router and deleting preference files without any success, it would seem to me to be an OS related problem and not hardware. The only solution that I have found that works is to create a new account every 5 months. Pretty poor for a $2500 machine I reckon. I am very disappointed with my first MAC expereince.


    Where to from here?

    Keep creating a new account every 5 months

    Try to return to factory settings.

    Pay out more money for APPLE care for a product that should work.

    Try to arrange a visit to an APPLE  store 4 hours drive away.

    Dump the MAC and go back to Windows.


    No idea. Any help appreciate.

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    At this point if you haven't managed to get this fabled "brand new replacement" like I was unable to you're only real option is cleaning up apple's mess yourself.


    Good news though, earlier in the post someone posted something about opening and cleaning a part of the computer that gets particularly dusty and that supposedly fixes the problem.


    I think it may be true because ive been having to **** with my screen and jiggle it around now and then because the right side goes out from time to time and "jiggling" it fixes it lol. But anyway, I think it may have cleared out what ever it is in the laptop because right now for the first time in....****, like almost a year, im using my airport and its even continuing to work when I move the lap top around.


    ill find the post im talking about

  • StickySadness Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)




    In my case it turned out to be a cable issue.  There is a cable under the wifi card and because the MBP air vents are so big lots of dust gets in and then works its way under the cable.  Take the wifi card out, remove the cable, clean everything, and put it back together.


    A repair shop can do it for less than $40 if you are not comfortable doing it.


    Also, as an aside, if its not hardware it could be your router.  Had a PC with a similar issue and in that case I assigned a reserved IP on the routers DHCP server.  So every time the DHCP server hands an IP to the PC it hands it the same IP.  That solved the PCs problem."


    Also, I wouldn't willingly give a cent to applecare due to my own will. Steerclear, they voided my warranty and applecare for some ********. im sick of talking about it but its also earlier in this conversation if you want to check out apple's true colors.


    Hopefully Burning Thumb has discovered the cause of the ******** so we can wipe apples *** and be smarter wherer we spend out money in the future

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    Thanks for the information there, yes always been running fixed IP's for all of my network. Tried going to dynamic made no difference, also tried another router same deal. Thought I would try reinstalling the OS but with 6 hours to download gave that up. So back to square one again, not keen to void the remainder of my warranty yet by opening the case. Wish I had decided to invest in a new Windows notebook rather  than this thing. I have actually gone back to using my old windows 7 notebook these days as this thing is just to unreliable. Fed up!

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    To Sticky:


    I DID get a brand new MBP after I called Apple Corporate - Customer Service (or the equivalent).  It took 1 day.  There are others here who got theirs the same day.


    I can verify IT HAPPENED - IT IS NOT A 'FABLE'.


    WHAT WE HAD IN COMMON:  we all had Apple Care, we all had significant history with Apple Care trying to fix, we had history of going to local Genius Bar, we had history of trying with our service provider (ATT in my case).


    Yes, I did get a brand new (a newer and better model than my original) IN ONE DAY.


    Please perservere with the above.  I fully expect a class action in the future.  My new replaced MBP connection is not perfect - but much better.  I almost bought a windows laptop the other day.  Yet I do love Mac products.  The fact that they haven't fixed this and have caused so many people unnecessary agony is - a tragedy.  And one that should be punished in court. 


    Best - L