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  • gusgrave Level 1 (25 points)

    The option+left mouse click on the "airport symbol" in the "top-menu" no longer works?

  • Loisbikelane Level 1 (0 points)

    I use a Clear wireless modem. It eliminated the need for my Airport.

    Tried changing the 1500 to 1450, but not sure if that'll stick. My 2006-07-ish MBP 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo 17" (running 10.6.8 and probably maxed out here) doesn't hold a connection very long when in another room, so I keep it in the same room as the modem.

    Recently, when at an office away from home, after being logged into their wifi, it also dropped and would NOT reconnect. It tethered to someone's iPhone for a while, until he left the room with his phone.

    However, my older G5 desktop model (in another part of the house) holds the connection just fine. So, in general, it's narrowed down to something inside the MBP.

    Maybe it's time for a new mac. . . . 

  • Loisbikelane Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Gus,

    Can you explain how you changed your location settings? I am in Denver, but through a CISCO connection I had to use with my former job—whose HQ is based in Utah—the laptop must think it's still in Utah (this is apparent whenever I attempt to check the local weather on weatherunderground dot com, and have to change the location back to Denver).

    Can you help?




  • gusgrave Level 1 (25 points)

    Sorry my friend, I don't thing that this will solve your issue. You're still inside the US, I was in a "fictional" country.


    Open System Preferences => Language & Text => Formats => Region: SomeCountry


    Where SomeCountry should be your country. Though I doubt this will help you, since the issue I was having was different "separators" in "my" region and the "fictional" region I was supposedly in.


    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but sadly I do not think that this is the issue in your case. If this does not work, check if you can use AES&TKIP encryption (if not combined try to change to TKIP and see what happens). If that does not work either, you might be inclined to get some help solving this, if you value your spare time and you're not like me and have a slight OCD problem


    Hoping for the best case scenario!


    // Gus

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    I had the same problem with my MacBook Pro. I tried various configurations on my mac and on my router. Nothing helped. Trying to figure out a way to solve this problem, at last I found out that the problem occured when I was working with one of my friends on the same desk. He was using HP Pavilion G6. The problem only occurs when he attaches his PC's power cable while we are on the same wireless network. Let me explain better;


    Situation 1) if my MBP and his HP Pav. g6 is so close to each other and his power cable is attached and we are on the same wireless network, then my MBP can hardly connect or cannot connect to the internet.


    Situation 2) if my MBP and his HP Pav. g6 is are NOT so close to each other and his power cable is attached and we are on the same wireless network, then my MBP can connect to the internet without any problem.


    Situation 3) if my MBP and his HP Pav. g6 is so close to each other but his power cable is NOT attached and we are on the same wireless network, then my MBP can connect to the internet without any problem.


    Situation 4) if he is not connected to the wireless network that I am connected to but his power cable is attached, again I have no problem.


    To sum up, the problem arises when his pc is close to mine and his power cable is attached and he is also connected to the wireles network that i'm in. His power cable is the problem !

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    Wow, it is truly unbelievable that this problem has not been resolved by Apple in more than 3 years. My MBP was working fine for the first couple years; but since moving countries in February this year and subsequently setting up a new wifi network I am now experiencing a similar problem to all previous posters. Wifi erratically drops out and then impossible to find our network to reconnect. It definitely isn't a problem with Internet provider or router as wifi works perfectly on our 2 iPhones & 2 iPads.


    I am not a tech guru, and not should I have to be to simply use wifi on my computer.


    I have wasted endless precious hours of my time (as has my husband); and we are at wits end. Off to buy a pc ASAP. Apple, it is an embarrassment that you have not provided a solution to these connectivity issues on MBP!

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    JonyBGoode1 wrote:


    I couldn't agree with Laurenmay more!!!


    This is what you do:


    Call Apple or go into a store and ask politely for them to fix it.  If they try to give you the run around, then ask for the manager.  Ask the manager for the same thing.  DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!  I and many others have had items replaced when it is clearly a defective product.  You just have to help them see you're not one of the free loaders that ruins products and trys to get apple to replace them.  If Apple sold us defective anything.....they usually step up and do the right thing.....with a little coaxing.


    In the mean time, I just bought a little wireles adapter for my USB for like 10 bucks


    USB Wifi Adapter


    It can get you buy until you have time to go to an Apple store or if they say no the first time and you have to keep trying!

    This is not a bad temporary solution.  I can live with a usb wifi adapter if it's that small.


    Come on Apple!  I'm disappointed to see how long this issue has persisted.

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    Dah I wouold just like to clear up that although I was told my coverage was voided, it seems this whole time that it wasn't. Perhaps apple is less terrible than I believed, lets see if they'll do the right thing. will give results.

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    I have a problem with my MBP 2010  it works online but when I try to download stuff it goes super slow so I clicked on the wifi bar and seen that every 10-15 sec it would go from "on" to "searching for networks" this is driving me crazy i have been online for like a week looking for a old dell, ipad 3, brother and sisters tablets all work perfectly fine on my wireless router "Netgear"...can someone HELP ME PLEASE :(!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suavegotkickz Level 1 (0 points)

    And my wifi bar is 100% all bars I have no clue what to do

  • laurenmay1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Suave -


    This is what happened to mine.  Look back at my posts.  As they are removing my messages now.


    I think this has gone on long enough.

  • Suavegotkickz Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Lauren I have a question I bought the laptop with out warranty would apple still replace it?

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    I have a MBP Early 2011 model. I am using it for last 2 years, there was no problem until i moved to USA and let me tell you that this frequest disconnect issue i'm facing is not due to WiFi Router or service provider as my iPhone and iPad work perfectly fine. It seems to be a MBP issue.


    I tried clearing PRAM, changed some settings under Network Preferences but no luck.


    I am not sure what is the exact solution to this issue. I am still trying to figure it out and will keep you guys posted.


    One thing i strongly believe is that it could be due to country migration, because i recently shifted from India to USA. I got my logic board changed by Apple recently, so not sure if this is a hardware problem.


    In the meanwhile keep sharing your thoughts/experience on this forum.




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    Sadly, I'm joining the ranks.  My MacBook Pro is two years old, and I had no problems until the last month or so.  Now I drop internet every five minutes.  I haven't updated the system, moved out of the country, or made any changes to my router.


    I'm not actually dropping connection with the router, but the MacBook keep losing its IP address.  If I manually give it a different IP address I'm back online - for about five minutes.  No other device in the house has this problem.  I've tried a dozen different fixes suggested here and at other sites - changing the MTU, manually setting the DNS servers, etc. - and nothing has changed the underlying problem.


    I bought my first Mac in 1989, and I'm sad to see that this has gone unresolved for years by Apple.

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    OK, after being in the drops-every-5-minute camp, I changed my router and have now been fine for a few weeks.  I went from a Belkin N+ router that was a few years old to a Cisco/Linksys EA4500 N900 Dual-Band (they have great prices on the Cisco web site for refurb ones, fyi).


    Other people have reported that changing their router did NOT fix the problem, so I'm not saying that will do it, and of course APPLE SHOULD BE SOLVING THE REAL PROBLEM.


    Btw, does anybody reading this know anybody at Apple?  I wonder if we should try more directly alerting some real person....