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    I tried several things to get the problem fixed, including several routers and eventually upgrading to a Netgear N600. Nothing worked, the MBPR would sometimes work for 5min and then start to disconnect every couple of minutes.


    I later realized that it works very well when I am in the same room as the router but not when I am 30 or so meters away in my office, even though it shows 3 out of 4 signal strength or even full signal. It sometimes worked better when you use a lower channel (like 4) and when you bring the speed down to 54 Mps, but that defeats the object.


    What worked for me was a range extender that now gives me a solid 2.4 and 5Ghz signal in the office. The laptop now stays mostly connected and only sometimes drop the connection in sleep mode, something I can live with (or fix later).


    The problem, in my opinion, is that they MBPR does not like to be on the "edge" of the network, even though it shows good signal strength in the desktop icon.

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    So if it worked for you everyone else is just a liar right.  Get out of here.  Great that spending money solved your problem.  You obviously aren't having the same problem.  We aren't having router issues, you were genius.

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    I had the same problem.  My laptop connected to the internet, but then after about 5 seconds dropped the connection.  It said there was no IP address.  The wireless interet signal was still strong, and my ipad was still connected and the desktop that's connected directly.  I restarted the computer and there was no change.  It would reconnect if I turned the wifi off and back on, but still only for about 5 seconds. 


    I didn't think restarting the airport would do anything since the other devices were still working, but it did.  So, I think that has solved my problem for now.


    One thing to note is that I was working from Panera's free wifi for awhile yesterday, so I wonder if that did something.


    Also, a weird problem I've had for several months on my home wifi is that I have to tell my computer to connect when I turn it on/open it up.  Other wifi networks would automatically stay connected, but for some reason at home I have to click on the wireless icon and select my network every time... kind of annoying but at least I have internet.

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    OK this is going to be a long one.

         I take back all the negative things I've said about apple. At my most recent trip to the genius bar they looked in my mac and saw there was , in fact, NO water damage (Months ago I was told the logic board was fried due to water damage, my warraties were void, and I was looking at over 1000 dollars in repair). This is a little troubling because it means either not all the genius's are qualified to be working with macs, or some of some hidden agenda.

         Anyways I got a competent, helpful genius who (in addition to the person I spoke to on the phone) was positive there was something wrong hardware related that could be repaired. He also said on the slight chance my computer was defective he would not reimburse it. So I sent it in anyways hoping that perhaps at this stage they might have found the problem with some of these MBP's airports.     

         The repair was taking longer than originally estimated and the only notes available was "waiting on logic board". The day of a gig I did last week I called desperately hoping it was ready to be picked up. At first the (SUPER AWESOME) apple tech support employee on the phone just kind of gave me the old "we're sorry, well do the best we can as fast as we can" spiel, but when I explained how this was not the first time I've had to send in my pro which completely interrupts any music production I am doing (in this case a remix competition with a deadline) and ruins any gigs I have planned, the tech person checked to see I had 6 repairs done on the same issue.

         I wish I had got her name, she acted genuinely concerned and sympathetic to my situation and in the end called my local Apple store to arrange for me to pick up a new MBP that day to make it in time for my Gig and for my old MBP to simply just be sent back to the store.

         Apple is a business is not going to hand a new MBP to anyone and everyone, but if you get multiple repairs for the same airport issue, can explain how you use your MBP for business and how the multiple repairs have been negatively affecting you business, and just keep coming back until you're connected with the right apple employee who cares more than others for their customers, I am CONFIDENT they will do the right thing and take care of you.




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    to help you identify if you have the same issue, my air port card would almost always says "No airport card detected"

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    get the new update  that came out 3 days ago

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    In my case, I was convinced that this had to be a software/settings issue, because prior to eight weeks ago I did not have any issues.  Then recently my MacBook Pro began losing its IP address every few minutes... it was still connected to my wi-fi network, it just had no IP which equals no internet.  I could manually enter a new IP address and get myself back online, but only for a few minutes.  Proximity to the router was not an issue.  Other devices - Iphone, desktop using ethernet - were not having the same issue.  I tried dozens of suggested in this board before I got it working.  (Yeah!)


    First, I went into my router's settings and made sure that everything matched Apple's suggested wi-fi settings...


    The only thing in there that I had to change was the type of security encription, to WPA2... that would have had no effect on compatibility.


    Then for kicks since the problem I was having was with maintaining an IP address, I changed the range of IP addresses that my router used from the default to a higher range (starting at rather than  I went to all my devices, made sure everything was set to DHCP/not manual, and renewed the DHCP lease of every device. 


    Since doing this I've been trouble-free for 48 hours.


    For the record, I've assigned OpenDNS servers ( and, and while that wasn't a fix I've continued to use them.


    This may not work for anyone else.  As I've said, I was convinced that my problem was software, not hardware.  If that is the case for most of the other 1,600+ posters here, it seems as if Apple could address this problem with some type of network update.  So to the good people at Apple, I say this:


    This is it.  This is what matters. The experience of a product.  How it makes someone feel.  You're the artists and engineers, the craftsmen and inventors.  You sign your work, and it means everything.  So you should fix it when it's broke.

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    Keep in mind, if anyone has any USB 3.0 devices plugged up, it causes wifi problems if too close to the computer. Apple has put out an official release stating this. They say to keep 3.0 hubs or drives far away with a long cable.


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    I commiserate with all sufferers of this problem, which may have multiple causes, I am sure.  I resolved the issue of connection timeout on my brand new MacBook Pro (one day old) by removing my network from the keychain and reconnecting.  See the following link for advice: urred/


    Hope this alleviates much suffering.

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    I just got my first MacbookPro and am having this issue five years after the original post.  I have noticed that the Mac has complained about address conflicts.  I'm convinced at this point that it is handling DHCP leases incorrectly after a "wake" event.  Once the problem happens the mac is unrecoverable until I reset it and my router.  The poster above who notes that increasing the lease range seems to temporarily fix this only confirms my assumption.  Fix this.  Its a bug that IS FIVE YEARS OLD.

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    For many Macbook retina etc.

    Wifi is fine on Windows 7.

    Wifi is flaky like croissant on OS X.

    Further OS X patches tend to cause wifi regressions.

    Conclusion, Microsoft knows how to build reliable wifi implementation without regular regressions, but Apple does not.


    Apple programmers thought TDD meant True Dat Dawg.

    Sent from my $3000 unreliable wifi retina macboo... CONNECTION LOST

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    JS - you hit nail on the head.  This is the problem.  On 'waking'.  Sometimes a MBP has to wake every 15 seconds or so.  This causes **** on earth for a small business owner like me.


    While I improved the problem with an Airport at home (and was given new MBP), staying with relatives in new city, the same problem occurs.  Knocking me offline, and then I have to pause, wait for networks to appear, and then pick again, and again, and again.  I don't dare pause, check an offline document and expect to be connected.  BECAUSE I'M OFFLINE EVERY TIME - I probably get 30 seconds of 'grace' time


    What an utter shame Apple hasn't figured this out.  Their products should come with a big red warning on the box (with skull and crossbones).  Shocking that Microsoft can.  Wonder if Steve Jobs knew about this.

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    HI! I have been having some problems. My Mac keeps loosing the network I am using atm. And when that happens - the network I use vanish. Now I followed the steps of removing the network. But the Reentering network data part - I havent figured out. So my problem now is that I've removed my network from my Macbook Retina. The network exists on my Iphone and on my Xbox - working perfectly. But I really need help getting it back up on my Macbook. As soon as possible. I would love it if I could get this solved within the next 2 hours. Thank you. *fingers crossed*


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  • laurenmay1 Level 1 Level 1

    A strange nuance to report:


    While logged on to Netflix, my MBP kept the wifi connection for over 12 hours. 


    To the more computer saavy here:  how do you explain that? 

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    This just means that your connection does not sleep due to the "constant activity" from Netflix. If you read previous posts, some has already managed to maintain connections by running an automated ping so that the connection never encounters a "time-out"