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    Dear Eric - I totally agree.


    I am beyond shocked that Apple has not addressed.  I have called offices, sent emails, discussed in store, and AppleCare - how can a company behave this way?  Yet, if I leave an 'objectionable' post here, it is removed instantly.  Someone is watching carefully.  AND NO RESPONSE FROM APPLE? !!!


    The best thing to do is warn others about this macwifiloss.  Apple?  ARE YOU LISTENING?  Why the censoring?  Aren't you proud of your products?  Don't you think consumers should be forewarned about faulty wifi?  Or do you think consumers should BUY FAULTY products and suffer?   SHAME ON YOU APPLE !

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    I bought a 13 inch Macbook Retina over the christmas period and experienced this problem a few days after i first used it. I followed someones advice to delete some .plist files and it seemed to work. However, about 30 minutes ago the internet kept dropping again so i returned to the files and discovered that two files had either been created or modified and thats what is causing the constant dropping. As you can see from the attached picture, the files are created/modified at the same time. I deleted both, restarted computer and the internet is fine.


    It seems that everyone has a certain way to fix the problem which works for them. I've found mine and suggest everyone to at least give it a go. Look for the two files i've highlighted in the picture and see if the time matches the time the internet first dropped.


    Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 12.25.16.png


    Also, to anyone with a technical mind, do you know what these two files are for, why they are created and if there is a way for it to stop being created in the future.


    I hope this can help someone and if anyone can help me then it would be much appreciated.

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    Mac is terrible.  I will never buy another one.  Now I know why it has never captured a larger share of the market.  Same problem. Months of frustration.  Worthless customer service.  Disgraceful.

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    Hello Apple ????  Are you there?

    So there IS a host looking at all these complaints - over 6 years and close to 1,000,000 hits. 


    Dear Apple Host - how does that make YOU feel?  Are you proud of the company you work for? 


    I am done with Apple products.  When I need to replace, they won't be Apple.  Because of this long-standing issue, censorship on this thread, and zero response on every front - you have lost my business forever.


    (Perhaps this is why Apple is focusing outside the U.S.?  Poor Steve Jobs:  I am certain this is not what he would have wanted.)


    <Edited by Host>

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    Well, trying to disable all power saving options (sleeping) has not made any improvement.... give I have two Mac 2012 15" Pro and a 2013 13" which is not having the issue, one would say this is a HARDWARE issue....

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    I tried this fix but I don't have the file I have all the rest of them and have tried deleting them but it's not working.


    I'm new to mac, if I'd had any idea this was a problem I never would have ever bought this computer. It's been so frustrating.


    I have a late 2013 Mac (purchased in November) and I'm running OS X 10.9.1 can anyone help? It disconnects every 10 minutes!!!

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    You have a new machine that's under warranty. Don't waste your time. Take it to the Genius Bar and let them fix it.

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    Lacking a Doctorate in Network Communications I was extremeley hesitant to attempt any configuration changes but here is my simple solution that works for me, discovered by accident-


    When you finally acheive all green buttons under Network Status (good luck) and Network Diagnostics states "Your Internet connection appears to be working correctly." Minimize the application, do not close it and leave it open on the dock (forever).


    Certainly not a permanent fix. Wen you reboot you need to start from the beginning.  Give it a try.  Perhaps someone can determine why this is.  Maybe even Apple.

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    Good evening all,


    I attempted to look for whether the solution that helped me work or not actually did but with 126 pages now, it seemed a bit of a daunting task


    I have recently bought a MacBook Pro 13" Retina, and the Wi-Fi started droping randomly after a few days. I tried different solutions such as deleting all of the wifi passwords in my Keychain, rebooting a few times.. and in my worst case.. using Caffine to keep it on the entire time..


    When I rang Apple Support, we went through a number of options that didn't work, but one that did was as follows:


    Step 1 (I beleive this is resetting the SMC) - Plugging in your Mac to the wall then shutting Off the Mac completely. When OFF, press the buttons SHIFT + CTRL + ALT (option) + POWER BUTTON . You should see that the charger light will flash for a brief second


    Step 2 (I believe this is resetting the PRAM) - You have to be relatively quick with this one. Mac should still be off. So press the on button and immediately press. ALT (option) + CMD + P + R . Keep holding until the mac starts up, it will then reboot. let go after this step.


    This seemed to work for me.. Good Luck Everyone!


    Apple Official SMC reset -

    Apple Official PRAM reset -


    All the best,


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    I don't have a fix but the workaround for me is to completely shut down the computer and start back up. A restart does not work.



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    Does Apple realize what a complete disaster this is in this day and age?  I use a 2012 mbp running ML and my wifi is dropping constantly.  After 20 years of mac i will never recommend based on this issue and its complete non resolution.  I hope this costs them dearly.  Last mac purchase I'm afraid.  was thinking iPhone next but not now.  android here I come.

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    no, get a refund.  screw them.

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    what routers does everyone have?



    doesn't make any sense,  seems like the one thing being omitted here is all of the hardware people are using


    note that the original post is from 2008, meaning that these are completely separate issues so I'm not sure why people refer to this as being 126 pages when there's no way macbooks from 6 years ago are identical in hardware and software so a recurring issue this is not

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    I have an AirPort Extreme in my home office (purchased in July 2013), however, I've ruled that out, since the Wi-Fi also disconnects several time a day when I'm connected to the wireless network in my work office.

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    Let's face it - this is just ridiculous.


    This piece of junk, oh sorry, Macbook Pro with Retina display is driving me crazy for four months already.


    Is it that hard to fix this Wi-Fi problem?


    Seriously, few more weeks and I will just smash it with a hammer...


    Your technical support is worst possible experience...