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  • Andrew K. Level 1 Level 1

    Guy - I also want to add that whatever the issue was (which appears to be related to the BlueTooth priority), was wreacking havoc on my other network devices. I'm guessing that, when the MBP would disconnect and reconnect, the constant attempts to obtain a new IP from the router were causing my other devices to act up as well (slow downloads, general "hangups" online, etc.).


    Since doing the Service Order change and deleting the System Configuration folder, my network speeds across other connected devices (PCs, iPad, Android phones, etc.) have improved dramatically.


    I guess I didn't realize how much of a problem this MacBook was causing me across the board with it's repeated disconnects/reconnects.


    Thank you for again for this information - it really has been a huge help!!!

  • kris_mac Level 1 Level 1

    For me the issue fix is Uninstall any adobe creative suit CS6 or CC Compleately especally if you have install the Adobe Activation Blocker for any reason. and u need to clean the "host" file which is inside the etc folder.

  • rcs1969 Level 1 Level 1

    The best solution that I have found is to go into my wireless settings on my router and change the channel whenever I lose connectivity. This happens to me about every 4-6 months: Just enough time to forget how I fixed it last time....

  • Ryan Lifchitz Level 1 Level 1

    I want to thank Guy for posting that link on page 135.


    I've been suffering with this problem for the last six months where my late-2013, 15" Retina MBP could not find my home wireless connector.


    The only fix I tried (and which worked!) was to go into my Network Preferences and to create a new "Home" network location instead of leaving it on "Automatic".


    This seems to have done the trick!


  • Stamatyades Level 1 Level 1
    Apple Music

    I had the same problem, and just recently discovered the solution.  Just bought a brand new MacBook Pro in June 2014, and it wouldn't connect to my router unless it was within 15 feet of the router.  There are 3 other MacBook Pros in my one floor apartment all from at least 2010, and they connect no problem.


    I live downtown and our apartment is surrounded by a plethora of wi fi signals.  All I had to do was change our router channel and now my macbook works fine anywhere in the apartment.


    1.  Locate your router IP, go to System Preferences, Network, TCP/IP.  It should look like


    2.  Copy the address into the address bar on your web browser.


    3. Sign into your router settings.


    4. Find wireless network settings and change the channel.  There should be about 11 different channels, most defaults are on channel 1 and 11, which is why they can interfere with each other.


    Hope this helps.

  • JovanRS Level 1 Level 1

    I think this problem is not related to wifi channel... I have already choose the best channel and still have to turn off and turn on wifi few times before successfull connection (even if I am sitting next to router and have a great signal strength).



    But, when I disable Bluetooth problem usually doesn't appear. Have you tried that?

  • AndresTL Level 1 Level 1

    I have a Macbook Pro from early 2011 and had experienced this problem without knowing it was a Apple issue and blaming it on the network, routers, etc. Changed several routers without solving the problem. A couple of days ago I bought a new large display and a bluetooth Magic Mouse and Keyboard. Since I connected those devices my internet connection went bananas!!! I can't use those devices and be connected to the internet. I turned bluetooth off and the problem disappeared. I can't believe Apple has had this issue around for this long and haven't come out with a definite solution. Very disappointing.

  • guy123221 Level 1 Level 1

    Andrew, I'm very happy to hear this helped you - I know what you have been going through - I was also ready to toss away the MBP.

  • falkio Level 1 Level 1

    This is really annoying, no real solution since years!

    I really read through the hole thread because for a such an expensive piece of hardware its really disappointing.


    Long story short, MBP late 2011 having occasional wifi problems. Connection loss with strong wifi signal and while still connected. But whats sligthly different to 99% of the posted problems here is. I´m having theses discs not permanentely. I can run my MBP 2 weeks without any issue, and the next day (nothing changed in MBP and router) it disconnects every few seconds. while having the same as the most: only MBP is affected no other wifi device. We shortly moved and live in a new flat (total change of wifi surroundings). After 2 weeks the problem occured again.


    BUT I have the same problems in WIN 7 @ bootcamp. So this can´t be of any problem of the OS(X). WIN 7 is showing an exclamation mark with full wifi signal strength. Disabling and reenabling the wifi works for a short period of time. What sometimes helps for a longer period is rebooting and restarting the router.


    So for my problem is the conclusion:


    - not any OS problem

    - has to be the hardware of the MBP or any combination of router+hardware

    - some external trigger has to be the source (otherwise why can I operate over 2 weeks flawlessly and having problems the next day without changing anything?)

    - didn´t had the chance to test any other router hardware


    I will oberserve the problem and try wifi setting in the router (channel and band), because this is the only explenation that makes sense. And I think a special combination of router channel and external interference IS THE SOURCE!


  • pdavisjones Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to this unfortunate list!


    OS X 10.9.4

    2.6 Ghz Intel Core i5

    MBP 13"

  • Wcavaliere88 Level 1 Level 1

    I have this similar problem, I can connect to a public wifi, but not my home one.  My wife is able to connect as well as my phone with no issue, my computer is the only one that can't.  I have retried resetting the router, modem and the the connection my computer has.

  • ned1964 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone. I too have been suffering from some oddities revolving around the airport. I have a 2009 Macbook. My wifi drops out soon after booting up and refuses to reconnect and only does so when I restart the computer. What is most odd is the signal bar is completely full but when I go to network preferences it appears that the wifi is off. I just upgraded from snow leopard to mavericks these problems surfaced. As an added issue, sometimes the signal bar is greyed out and show only an X indicating that I have no software.  I have tried many of the solutions that others have suggested to no avail.


    Any ideas other than going back to the two cans and a piece of string solution?

  • Anthony Hildebrandt Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all... I am on page 136, and I don't know if I have a solution that has already been said... so please forgive me for not checking.


    I have been seeing with my newer MBP an inconsistency when connecting to specific WiFi access points.  Some I have used for years fail me but other machines succeed where I could not.  New access points as well would fail for this machine where other machines show no problems.  I tried turning off bluetooth.  I tried turning off wireless.  I restarted the machine.  I triple checked software updates.  The problem was a mystery.


    So I tried the following, and I have not had WiFi issues since.


    1) Enter System Preferences (Click the apple and select System Preferences)

    2) Enter Network Settings (Click the round Network icon)

    3) Remove the existing WiFi setup (Select Wi-Fi in the left hand list of network options available, and click the " - " at the bottom of the list)

    4) Apply changes for good measure.  (This may have been an extra step, but just to be sure, apply none the less)

    5) Click the " + " and add in a new Wi-Fi connection.


    I don't know why, but my new wifi connection works as I expected it should.  I am guessing that stored connections, or some setting stored in my old wifi setup was corrupted.  I have been seeing months of frustrating wireless failures.  I have been 24 hours problem free now.  I hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.  Sorry to others who have a different one that this can't fix.



  • JSP St A Level 1 Level 1

    Like the previous poster, I am on page 136 and apologize if I am suggesting something that has already come up.  I had an incident with several MacBook Pros in one office (all running 10.9).  I had installed a new wireless access point for the office, which is a mix of Macs and Windows-based laptops.  The Windows machines all worked fine, but all of the Macs exhibited the behavior of dropping off of the network frequently.  I noticed that the old access point was a b/g.  The new one was a g/n.  As an experiment, I unhooked the new AP (g/n) and put the old one (b/g) back in place.  I did this as several of the MacBook users were in the office and complaining of not being able to stay on the network.  Immediately every MacBook connected and none have experienced a single drop since.  I submit this as another clue at the scene in hopes that it will help Apple figure out this issue.

  • lapulgaroja Level 1 Level 1