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Does anyone know if this upgrade will be transferrable if I sell or give my iTouch away? How does it work anyway? I know that it loads into your iTouch’s epprom but what if I sell it and the iTouch becomes corrupt and needs a restore? Will that erase the upgrade?

What about the upgrade itself? Is that something that I can back up once I buy it? Is that upgrade forever associated with my iTunes account OR the iTouch serial number?

Dell XPS M1330, Windows Vista
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    I see now on the other post how to back up the upgrade but I still need answers to my other questioins before I commit to the purchase.
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    Your question got me to thinking. Yesterday, I swapped out my Touch for a new one as it was defective. I had paid the $20 to upgrade the old one. Anyhow, when I plugged this one in and loaded all my stuff, I clicked on Upgrade and it installed the new software without charge. jor
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    If you gave the ipod to a friend and it needed to be restored on his computer with his copy of itunes then you would have to give your friend that little file "iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa" as well as the info to the account that you have setup for your itunes. (basically your username and password). These are encrypted in that little file and the software itself is actually in the 1.1.3 firmware upgrade.

    That's why you will notice that in firmware version 1.1.2 the other is around 30Mb and when you update to 1.1.3 the other goes up to just over 100Gb.
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    So does anyone have an answer to whether or not the upgrade is transferable? Is it linked to my account or to the iTouch serial number? If it's the latter I should be able to sell it later and not have it disappear on the buyer.
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    It is linked to your account.
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    If you have more than one iPod Touch associated with your iTunes you
    will be able to apply the software upgrade to all units. You can not
    apply the update to a Touch that is not associated with your library
    and if you take an upgraded Touch to another library and do a
    complete restore that upgrade will no longer be active.

    That's the truth.

    The iPod touch January Software Upgrade can only be synced to iPod touch from the primary iTunes library. If the user is manually managing music and video on iPod, this is the computer where they first set up the iPod or first set it up after restoring the iPod. The "iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa" file can be copied from the computer where you purchased it to your primary iTunes library computer, and sync the iPod from there.

    The file is located here:

    Mac OS X:
    ~/Library/iTunes/Mobile Applications

    Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\Mobile Applications\

    Windows Vista:
    C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\\Apple Computer\iTunes\Mobile Applications\

    Note: These locations are hidden by default in Windows. You can these locations by choosing "Show hidden files and folder" in the View tab of the Folder Options Control Panel.

    Once you have copied the "iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa" file to the computer with your home library, make a new folder named Mobile Applications in the correct location, and place the "iPod touch App Pack 4A93.ipa" file there. Open iTunes and sync your iPod touch.
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    I purchased the January software upgrade and since then reinstalled my Windows OS and then restored my iPod. WHen I restored it, it said it was backing up its settings. However, after restoring the January firmware upgrade is gone and I can find no way to reinstall it or redownload it from the iTunes store. What can i do?
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    Retrieve the file that aapl just explained the location of from your last backup, and place it in the appropriate location on your computer. Or you can try going to your purchase history from your itunes account summary screen in itunes, and click the report a problem button.
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    Now, I had the same exact problem. Problem is, tho, is that I downloaded my Upgrade on to a PC computer that has now crashed. My iPod got smashed, and when I got a new one, I cannot seem to download the Upgrade onto my new computer, seeing as I have already purchased the Upgrade onto the other computer. HOW CAN I GET THE UPGRADE!!!!