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There seems to be a compatability issue between my iPod Classic and my Robi DAB radio attachment. The DAB radio was working just fine until last week, when I downloaded the latest iPod software updates. Since then, the Robi works fine when it is used as a remote control for the iPod, but when it is used in radio mode, the iPod shuts down after a few minutes (as though it does not recognise that the radio is still attached, and thinks that there is no activity) and the Robi closes down too (due to lack of battery power when the iPod is no longer on). It could be a coincidence, but my guess is that the iPod updates are causing a problem.

I have tried to remove the new software updates from the iPod, ie I deleted the latest updates from the iPod software updates file (C/Documents and Settings/user name/Application data/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPod Software updates), unchecked the box labelled "automatically check for software updates", and then tried to restore the iPod using the old software. At that point, a message from iTunes appeared, to the effect that it could not go any further due to no internet connection. I could not find any way of restoring the iPod without letting iTunes download the current sortware updates.

So the question is, does anyone else have a similar compatability problem (with the Robi or anything else) and how can I get the iPod to run on the previous software?

I would be very grateful for any advice, as this is a very frustrating problem.


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iPod Classic 160GB, Windows XP
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