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Not sure if this has anything to do with the new download, but Thursday I downloaded the '08 updates (yeah...I am slow getting to it), anyway... while I was downloading the updates, my phone of course was charging from the computer. After the download was finished I turned my phone off and plugged the phone into the wall charger. Charged fine... well last night (Saturday) I had to recharge my phone, but once I connected my phone to the wall charger it would not respond and/or start charging. Tried to plug it into the computer and it said my USB port was overloaded. I was ticked... needless to say I tried again this morning with no luck. Left my phone off for a few hours still nothing. Called tech. support and the guy asked me to try it again on the computer and read what the error said to him.....low and behold it started charging... on the pc and then on the wall charger. I have no idea why it started to work. I was happy it did, but has anyone else had this issue?

Dell XPS M1710, Windows XP