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I bought a classic 160gb yesterday which I had to exchange today because it was faulty (couldn't sync, eventually itunes reported it as corrupt).

I got another today, which I'm syncing with iTunes now. Every so often I get this error, and it stops:

Attempting to copy to the disk "MY_IPOD" failed. An unknown error has occurred (-1303).

Any ideas?

iTunes 7.6
classic 1.1

My music library is on a network drive.

I have an older ipod sync'd using the same iTunes. I've never had this error with the older ipod - only with the new Classic. For example, yesterday I sync'd 20GB to the old ipod with no problems. Today the classic failed with this error at 2.5gb and 6gb.

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    This is very annoying.

    I've just emptied and resync'd my old 40GB ipod as a test. No 1303 errors.

    On the new classic, it failed three times with 1303 errors.

    Searching on the internet, 1303 looks like a disk access error. Is this something strange with the Classic driver?
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    I am getting the same 1303-error and my computer crashes. After two restarts I have managed to copy five hours of music to my 160 G iPOD Classic.
    iTunes 7.6
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    It seems I found the solution. After unchecking the "Enable disk use" in the iTunes browser window I managed to synchronize my iPod with the music library without any problems.
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    I solved this problem by removing the network drive from the loop.

    First I closed iTunes.

    My library music was a network drive at N:\path\iTunes Library

    I copied the library to a USB drive: M:\path\iTunes Library

    I then disconnected N (disconnect network drive), and used Partition Magic to change the drive letter of M to N.

    Then I restarted iTunes. To iTunes, nothing had changed. Underneath, it was now accessing the USB drive instead of the LAN drive. I have no further 1303 problems after this.

    I can only presume that the network drive causes problems when syncing to the ipod classic. It never caused me problems with my old ipod.