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I have an iPod Touch that will not show up in my iTunes. I am up to date in all of my software on my MacBook Pro and iPod Touch. I have an iPod Nano that works fine.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    that is probbly the reason why it is not showing up in itunes, i had the same problem, i updated the software for my ipod touch and the computer knew it was there, but itunes didnt.. try downloading your ipod touch' software, and then it should recognize it.
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    Hi badgamuss,

    See if this article helps

    [iPod Touch not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X|http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306641]


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    Same here. The Touch will charge, but will not show up in iTunes. My iPod mini works shows up fine. iTunes syncs with Apple TV just fine. The Touch hasn't been able to come up in iTunes since I upgraded to Leopard. I've done all of the troubleshooting except for reinstall iTunes. If iTunes is already updated to 7.6 and does what it is supposed to everywhere else, what is a reinstall really going to accomplish (besides waste a couple of hours reorganizing my 40 GB library)?

    Also, something else new, I logged onto the Starbucks store for the first time today. It was fun to screw around in iTunes at my Starbucks, but if it's responsible for this glitch I'll be switching to Tully's.
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    Well, well, well...what do you know? Reinstalling iTunes did the trick. And it was able to bring up my library, playlists, Apple TV settings, etc. just fine w/o any time wasted, really. Touché, Apple. Touché ("I don't think you're using that right").
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    I'm running into the same problem... i upgraded to leopard last night and now itunes isn't recognizing my itouch. I saw that you said it was still able to bring up your library, but what is the process you used to do this? Do you literally delete itunes first? I just really don't want to lose anything. Thanks
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    Your library will not go away, and it will stay in your music folder under MacHD. Go ahead, drag iTunes to the trash and delete, then download from apple.com a new version of iTunes.
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    I also had the same exact problem after upgrading to Leopard. The iPod touch recognized being plugged in, but iTunes did not see it, though it did see the Apple TV. I simply drug iTunes to the trash, reinstalled it, and it worked perfectly. I think that one problem might have been that I didn't click EJECT in iTunes before disconnecting the iPod, something that I have never had a problem with before.