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The wireless keyboard for my iMac omits many common keys found on full size keyboards.

One application I am running (Battlefield 2142) requires the use of "page up" and "page down" among others.

By random effort, in happens that "Control" + "up arrow" worked for "page up".

Does anyone know where I can find a resource showing these built-in key board sequences.

In System Preferences there are the keyboard short cuts that can be configured, but many are missing. The control "up arrow" was not listed here for "Page Up:, nor are others like "Home", "End".

My assumption is that these are not officially considered keyboard short cuts.

Any help, appreciated.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    On the new Apple wireless keyboard, as on the portable Macs, there is an fn key at the lower left. Pressing this key in conjunction with other keys, adds the functionality of a full-size keyboard. For example, fn + delete operates as a forward-delete.

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    a - this forum is not dedicated to hardware but to the Numbers application.

    b - I don't own such a keyboard but, I'm quite sure that the asked info is available on your machine.

    Apple menu > System Preferences
    open the prefPane named Keyboard and Mouse
    click on the tab named "Keyboard Shortcuts"

    You will get a list of many shortcuts descriptions.
    I assumes that the wanted ones are available in this list.

    Are you sure that the response is not available in the manual delivered with the keyboard?

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE lundi 21 janvier 2008 19:30:51)
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    This keyboard is driving me nuts, and I cannot find a decent keyboard map anywhere. For Forward Delete, hold down Fn before using backspace. That's as far as I have got. Still trying to suss out Home and End shortcuts. Anyone know these?
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    If you activate the "Keyboard Viewer", what is the effect of pressing the Fn key upon the displayed keys ?

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE lundi 24 mars 2008 14:25:32)