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I have a lot of contacts on my iPhone (from my Mac Address book, about 2 or 4 thousand). They've worked fine for the two months or so that I've had the iPhone. This weekend, just a few days after installing the newest version of iPhone software, I my Contact list suddenly disappeared. It happened while I was adding a phone number on my "recent calls" list to an existing contact.

Fortunately, even though I was traveling, I had my Powerbook so was able to resynch successfully. This occurrence really bothered me, as I don't always travel with my computer. Has anybody heard of this happening, and are there any solutions or precautions if you don't have your backup computer nearby? I tried resetting the iPhone but that didn't help. All other data on the iPhone was intact and didn't disappear, just the Contacts.

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.6)