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alright my mac loving friends, here my question. I have a 80gb 5th gen and I was wondering if i can totally erase my ipod, not restore it to factory, i mean totally format so nothing is on it not even the ipod operating system. why do you ask? well first off, the screen on my ipod is totally shattered but the ipod works, and i just got a new 80 gb classic and an ipod touch. I would like to use this 5th gen as a hard drive and be able to use Time Machine on it ( time machine wont work on ipods ) If anyone knows how to completely erase an ipod that would be bundles of help!

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Macbook 2 gb of OWC RAM, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 80gb Ipod white (Ownz)
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    iTunes is the fastest and most efficient way of reformatting an iPod like yours. It must have some sort of formatting, of course; otherwise, the drive would be unreadable. If you enable disk use, you should be able to use your old iPod as a disk drive rather easily. I've done this (without a shattered screen), but the principle is the same.

    Hint: If you're near an Apple Store, have the guys at the Genius Bar do it for you.
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    Go into Disk Utility, select your iPod, and Erase the drive and format it to whatever formatting spec you desire.
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    Make sure your computer can see hidden files, then in your finder (mac computer right?) open your ipod and you should see 5 or 6 folders, delete them all

    there should be nothing left inside your ipod after that.

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