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Originally I was replying to J.C. in another thread about software. The question was answered with a star so not sure if J.C. or other question answering types will look at it so I am requizing here.

Sorry this is a bit stream of couciosness but my basic question is: what app has drawing capability freehand and CAD, desk top publishing enough to take notes and add pictures and can calc with a spreadsheet.

The following is how I arrived at the above question.

Is there a basic spread sheet that came with my 2007 17' iMac? I just use the one on my old computer. Looking through the apps I just see a demo of Office. Back in the day I purchased Wings for my Mac SE to have a spread sheet (didn't come with an s sheet).

Any recommendations on a desktop publishing app with drawing capability that integrates with above spreadsheet? I use it for taking notes and designing things for hobby. Metal working, furniture, etc.

I have Publishit Easy on Mac SE. I was writing employee manuals back then. Then my life took other turns and now I am back as if dropped from the past into the future. Help!

Back then 1989 when I was shopping for a computer, at the Mac store I said I wanted one I could upgrade to be able to use a basic cad program. Rather than educate me they just laughed. I bought else where. They called the store microage I fondly remember them as stoneage. They are out of business. No wonder.

Within a few years my friend was using a cad program on his laptop. Stoneage had no vision.

Perhaps I want a Cad program now. Still need to integrate/do the above with it. Should I enter this as a question in another forum here?

I assume any cad I would get now would be a bit over the top for what little I want to do (no cam use).


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