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Have been researching how to set up the ability to see my Mac Pro's HD from my Mac Book. Have 4 HD's installed in Mac Pro and would like to access my photos on my Mac Pro from Mac Book. Have Photoshop CS3 Extended on both machines (need to de-activate one not running on) and would like to edit image files with CS3 on my Mac Book. Mac Book has 120GB HD with 4 GB RAM to run CS3.

Mac Pro is hard wired (ethernet) to cox.net and Mac Book is wireless to cox with Netgear router-WEP.

Have gone into system preferences on both machines and under "Sharing" enabled file sharing.
However I still don't know what to do next.

Customer service person at Simutek in Tucson said she sees her Mac Pro in the left side of a finder window on her Mac Book. ( I had taken my Mac Pro there to have an Airport card installed thinking that was necessary for file sharing, but she said I can do that with my existing home wired/wireless setup). I'm a novice on setting up a home network system, so would appreciate a step x step procedure for file sharing my two machines.

Mac Pro 2.66, Mac Book 2.0, Mac OS X (10.5.1), Mac Pro, 4 HD's 250, 500, 750,750, 5GB RAM, Mac Book 120 GB HD, 4 GB RAM
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    If you just want to do this on your home network, wired or wireless, and you've already enabled file sharing, you're done.

    Just hit command/k to Connect To Server, then hit browse.
    Your MacPro should show up.
    Double click on the icon, and since you have Leopard, you have a choice of connecting as a guest, or as a registered user; choose the Connect As button, and the first time, you'll have to type your administrator password, and check the Remember Password In My Keychain box.

    Now you'll get a choice of volumes, or drives, to mount on your MacBook's desktop.
    You should be able to use the new Screen Sharing feature, too, which lets you see and control the MacPro remotely.

    To see the Mac Pro in the left side of the finder window, you'll need to go to Finder Preferences, and check the Connected Servers box.
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    Thanks Red Jacket Mike. Works just like you said. Another good reason to love Macs.