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This might be my school's wireless system (because it's unreliable and ***** 90% of the time), but due to other issues that've recently plagued my computer I'm worried that it's something to do with my wireless Airport card.

I've been having EXTREME difficulties finding and connecting to my campus wireless today, particularly in buildings and places where I should be getting full bars if not exceptional reception. Instead, my computer can either not find the wireless network CatChat (my campus wireless system), or it can't get above 2 bars of service (which is slow as anything). It's also been cutting in and out HORRIBLY today in a room where I normally get uninterrupted exceptional reception.

Is there any way to run diagnostics on the airport wireless card myself from this computer, or do I need to take it to a professional and have them run the diagnostics? The warranty expired 2 years ago so that's completely out of the question.

Powerbook G4 12-inch Aluminum, Mac OS X (10.4.10), Intel Mac Mini 1.5GHz Core Solo 1GB RAM Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    A little extra information:

    Other mac users are having the same issue as I am, and they are using Macbooks and Macbook Pro's. The internet will be full bar one minute and then go down to 1 bar in the blink of an eye.

    Last week I was NOT having these problems. It has only started today. And it's annoying me BADLY, and my temper is already short.

    About 15 minutes ago the computer randomly told me to restart it, no questions asked. I did that, tried turning the airport off and on, and it's STILL not working. I swear with the technological problems plaguing me this month I'm VERY tempted to scrap the thing and just get a new computer with the money I could get from parts >.<
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    There seems to be a new development: it works decently (read: as good as normally, which isn't great) on my home wireless system, and right NOW sitting in a hallway where I should always get good reception it's working OK but is taking an eon to load at the beginning. Anyone got any ideas or do I need to go berate (AGAIN) the tech support people here on campus?
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    It's still doing it's weird thing in the classrooms, but the reception in the hallways seems to be getting better.

    Another thing I noticed is that when I'm in the library, where usually my service is impeccable, I can barely EVER find a signal, even where it's supposed to be the strongest.

    ANYONE have any suggestions?
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    My airport antenna actually is bent from when they replaced my logic board. I have several things that need to be fixed on the laptop, I'll have that checked when it's all done. Thanks everyone!