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    Thanks for the correction. Whilst some who want to downgrade firmware may have legitimate reasons for doing so, I'm sure you know that some may want to do this as it's supposed to be easier to jailbreak - hence the term "legal".

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    Seriously... the text thing is getting really old. We've been patient for a long time and I thought something as simple as the time being out of sync with whatever would be a pretty simple fix. What's taking so long, Apple? It's bad enough we have to deal with ATT's incompetence without having issues on your end too.
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    The GSM standard has a feature that lets the cell tower broadcast the Date and Time that it gets from GPS (the towers use the signals for synchronization, they presumably know where they have been installed)

    - Some carriers don't turn the broadcast feature on in cells that cross multiple time zones, or they configure it in peculiar ways.
    - Some phones need to have the GMT offset entered (e.g. in Paris GMT-1) and don't do anything when presented with a timezone not covered by the carrier indicated on the SIM.

    Since most phones have a time function, were other people's phones showing the right time?

    To my understanding, no GSM phone, including the iPhone, can figure out your time zone information automatically, it would require a large, dynamic table that tracked times zones for states, countries, locations and changing daylight savings rules. A phone with Internet access can do it, but it will be tricky with all the European carriers.

    (I'm assuming you had Time Zone Support turned on in the Settings when you traveled)


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    also responded on another topic i've been tracking but thought i'd post here too...

    all, i had a major dropped call problem as soon as the 1.1.3 update came out as many of you did. i did all of the things recommended in this forum with no success...until now! here's what i TRIED:
    reset phone
    restore phone
    new SIM card from ATT
    ...all of these DID NOT work so i went to the AppleStore Genius bar and they gave me a new phone.

    i have not had a dropped call since....
    if it matters...
    iPhone 8GB
    1.1.3 (4A93)
    modem firmware-04.03.13.G
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    The problems that I am having don't seem to match what is already reported, so I
    thought I'd post them here.

    I'm a long time Apple user - since about 1993, and this firmware upgrade
    is undoubtedly the worst experience I have had with an Apple product. Sorry -
    had to vent a little.

    A - At the time that iTunes suggested I upgrade my iPhone firmware to 1.1.3,
    there was also a notice from Software Update to upgrade iTunes and Mac OS X
    at the same time. I run a few months behind - maybe 10.4.8 or so. When I
    installed the iPhone firmware without upgrading iTunes or Mac OS X, it crashed
    my phone entirely, leaving it in "recovery mode" - and it did so without first
    finishing the sync, so I lost a lot of calendar entries that were only on my phone.

    B. Upgraded iTunes and Mac OS X and after several tries convinced iTunes
    to recover the iPhone which resumed working - sort of.

    C. Now I have the problem (which apparently was the subject of a radio
    show earlier today) where the phone fails to notice that the headphone
    adapter has been unplugged. Thus the phone has nothing plugged into
    it but the earpiece doesn't make a sound.

    D. The showstopper for me is that my phone now daily drops not a call
    but the whole connection to AT&T. I'll pick up my phone and find out
    that I've missed several calls and the display says "no service". Shutting
    down the phone and restarting it fixes the problem but it is unacceptable
    as a workaround.

    I haven't called Apple yet - going to do so momentarily. Maybe somehow
    my hardware got really messed up.

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    The phone support that I got was excellent. They referred me to the local Apple Store, where the service experience was shockingly bad. Haven't spoken with the Genius Bar yet.
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    my phone also is dropping calls way way too much
    it is not the cell service
    i have been with att for years never had this issue till my iphone came along
    i went to the genius bar and my phone was swapped with a new one that also does the same thing

    it is rediculous
    the antenna bars will go from full to none
    then right back up when i pull the phone away from my face

    the people i am talking to will say i was still showing up as connected to them when i get back to them. sometimes i can't even call them right back it will keep saying call failed

    it is way to bizarre and makes me ashamed to say i spent 400 bux for this thing
    my friends and family are now all having 2nd thoughts about this and are looking more at blackberries etc
    this is ashame as the phone realy has such awsome features
    i hope apple corrects this soon
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    Update, so after Apple replaced the phone with one which had 1.1.2 it solved the problem, NO MORE DROPPED CALLS. Then a week later I upgrade to the suspicious 1.1.3 and immediately began having problems again. Heres the weird thing it only lasted a couple of days and now seems to have stablized and I have not dropped any more calls, nor have I watched the signal strength bars drop to zero and then back up.

    So how about a little conspiracy theory: Recall when we were all magically delighted with new icon's/features showing up on our iPhones without our knowledge? Is Apple pushing out a fix behind the scenes?
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    What icon features are you talking about? Must have missed those.
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    I have noticed, in regards to the bars dropping and possibly the dropped calls, there seems to be another process taking place on the phone at the same time this happens. I don't know what is happening in the background on the phone or if the phone is connecting on the Edge network or a wireless network. Maybe there is a conflict or that the other process takes over thus leaving the phone with these issues. I will admit that it is truly annoying to have full bars when making a call, to have it drop to 2 to have it go back up moments later.
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    I am seeing the dropped call issue also after firmware 1.1.3. The signal shows full strength and then suddenly drops to nothing- and then back to full strength.

    This is a big issue for me- and I hope Apple looks into this and resolves it. It is almost as if the new firmware causes the phone to check for signal too frequently and when it does not get a good response - fails the call. I say this because I have noticed that I can still hear the person and they can hear me- when the signal is one bar- but then the phone decides there isnt enough signal and fails.

    It did not happen so frequently before- please fix this.
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    Nothing useful to add other than this problem really *****.
    i've been dropping calls for weeks and just thought i had bad luck and had a bad phone. finally googled "iphone dropped calls" and of course there are tons of blogs about it, wired has a bit about it, and there's this thread. darnit apple!!! fix this now. i really want to chuck my phone out the window now. great, a $600 phone that can't keep a call going more than 5 mintutes. only apple could do this.
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    I'm in the same boat. I'm consistantly having dropped calls and the signal strength is weak in buildings.
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    As for when this problem manifested itself, I'm in the same boat; it came with my 1.1.3 "upgrade". I called AT&T and got a very helpful tech support person. He walked me through the standard template of resets, which I patiently told him I had already accomplished. He then initiated a series of resets on his end. Not sure what those consisted of but I've noticed that the frequency of my dropped calls has diminished...a little. Since I have a v-e-r-y lengthy commute, I've started logging the mile markers where I drop the calls. So far, it's been consistent that the calls drop in virtually the same locations each day.
    So, my own personal conclusion is that the upgrade did something to mess up the transition of my in-progress calls from tower to tower in locations where I didn't previously have this problem.

    I do find it humorous though, that when talking with the AT&T rep or even the folks at the Apple store they're all unanimous in telling me that I'm the very first person to mention this problem! With the amount of traffic on this post combined with my fellow iPhone owners locally, I find that hard to believe!
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    I had to join this discussion in the hopes that Apple hears our plight. I did the 1.1.3 upgrade about 3 weeks ago and ever since then I have had dropped calls with anyone I speak whether they are Verizon or ATT or a land line it did not matter. VERY frustrating when the line of work I do requires me to have a reliable phone service....

    Similar to everyone else, it shows full bars when you start the call and just drops to no bars in mid sentence...

    Apple please fix it or provide us a way to revert back to the previous version without a restore (which I heard doesn't work)

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