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    I just found this, probably won't work but I am giving them a try one by one. I plan to do the first two suggestions tonight...will report back my results tomorrow. ne-113/
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    This is no FIX that can be done by a user to fix this problem, unless you roll back to 1.1.2. The problem revolves around the same thing that is causing the Bluetooth dropping issue, where users with GPS and headsets are seeing a ping/pong from connected to disconnected.

    In a nutshell, most 8 gig users are unaffected, as those phones have better radios in them, and thus work correctly. The problem is based on the A*hle (sorry i mean apple) trying to boost reception. They have yet again attempted to increase the voltage to the radio, as they did back in the begining, when they fried 50% of all Model-1 4 gig phones, completely fried, resulting in a No Service message within days of that botched firmware upgrade. This also spurred the 4gig price drop and the repair af all phones, i have had 3 of them, a Model 1 - Fried after upgrade, apple replaced this and charged me $75 for a loaner, with ironically is about the cost to manufacture a new phone. We also now have 2 model-2 4gigs, both now dropping calls, one does both the bluetooth ping/pong and the call dropping.

    You may ask why i know all this stuff, well my brother work for these guys, and frankly, works on the firmware. His suggestion, dont upgrade, skip firmware updates, atleast one, and maybe two, that way your not a part of what he calls the caddle call test group.

    I have since rolled both phones back to 1.1.2, and like friggin magic, they are both working fine, how wierd huh??

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    resetting network settings did not work, so I did a restore via Itunes, if this does not work then I will have to attempt a roll back
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    Does anyone have instructions on how to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.2? I have been on the phone with both AT&T and Apple. Apple says the phone is fine and it's the SIM card or the service. AT&T says the phone is defective. Sounds like a lot of finger pointing to me. I drop a LOT of calls now and cannot get reception in my house where I didn't have a problem with my old Motorola phone on AT&T. Glad I'm paying all this money for an Ipod that can't make calls.
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    i wish i had the luck all of you have had. since day one which is right at 3 months i haven't been able to hear anything and the callers at the other end can hardly hear me. so all my calls are dropped. actually it's more like they were never picked up. the worst part of all this is the cost of testing these phones that is rolled into the cost to the consumer . so when you think about it apple is screwing you atleast twice just in this aspect and then the good old AT&T is telling you as your service provider that they did their homework and have concluded that they will support apples iphone and as customerts we can feel confident in apples designs . otherwise AT&T never would have thrown us all under the bus. i would like to know why the iphone cost 600.00 and it has half the stuff we all have become accustomed to with the free contract phones and the 300.00 to 400.00 dollar motorola, nokia, samsung,etc... phones out there. i have the krazor as a back up and if i'm expecting an important call i turn it on because the iphone is about two ste4ps ahead of tjhe tin cans and clothes line we all could actually hear something with. apple get's an a+ for marketing and deception. as for a quality product they skipped class that whole semester! and i think it's a slap in the face to call their tech's geniuses. because a genius would have either fixed all this already or he never would have released this so called "phone of the century" until it proved to actually work as a phone. apple has no shame in their game either, not onmly did they market an extremely inferior product. they ccharged as much for it as people pay for a whole computer and they aren't in a hurry to make it right with the consumer. AT&T should be on them all day for lying to us, (the customer) oh wait that's right they are the ones w2ho souted all our phone numbers ILLEGALLY to G.B.
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    I just found all these threads and i'm relieved to know it's a bug that may be fixed soon.

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    Just adding to the list folks to hope they notice this issue....week old iPhone here that I can't use as a phone....sigh!!!
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    Try updating to iPhone 1.1.4.

    Thank you,

    Nathan C.
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    Hi Nathan,

    Can you confirm that 1.1.4 specifically fixes the dropped calls issue? Reason I ask is I had to revert back to 1.1.1 as 1.1.3 was unusable for me and I don't want to risk losing my perfect phone functionality now.
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    Upgraded to 1.1.4 and so far so good. Keeping fingers crossed.
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    Well I am happy to report, that in a day and a half of running 1.1.4 I have had 0 dropped called. Maybe a bit too soon to say it is 100% solved, but the dropped call problem seems to be gone. The other problems still exist, but are minor.

    Any one else who was having problems see it gone with 1.1.4?
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    Did the 1.1.4 update work for you. I'm waiting for someone to say it did, though I doubt it. I think 1.1.4 was prep for new apps. I'm staying at 1.1.2 which I got from trading in my phone. Word is the voltage differences managed by the firmware 1.1.3 is the culprit (even though apple has not said one word about this). It also seems to be a combination of certain series of phones with the firmware update. Otherwise, it would be everybody. I would really like to upgrade to get new functionality, but I can't sacrifice the "phone" part of the iPhone.
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    Worked for me, but I traded in my clunker for a new/refurb iPhone.

    I wonder if AAPL will ever admit to the problem.
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    I have been running 1.1.4 now for several weeks and it seems to have corrected the problems I was having with strange behavior and dropped calls.

    It would have been nice if Apple would have acknowledged the problem, rather than make us look like stupid idiots. But glad for the fix, and I am still of the opinion the iPhone is the best phone/device I've ever owned.
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