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my g5 desktop has 2 internal and 3 firewire hard drives.
i am able to connect to the g5 via my linksys router from my macbook pro.
i am running leopard on both systems--currently 10.5.1--although i had the same problem in tiger.

i can see and even open files from the g5 on my macbook, but trying to save changes or save new files to any of the g5-connected hard drives gives me errors that i don't have permissions. this occurs even if i change the permissions on my files to "everyone" read-write.

there are a lot of terminal command and related articles. i'm swimming in suggestions, and not sure how to get access. i've set the file sharing in system prefs. i've repaired permissions everywhere. i've run the fix to stop the finder from crashing when i change permissions. i've got unknown and _unknown users that won't delete.

is there someone that can simplify the steps i need to take to fix this or at least to define more clearly why i'm not able to save files across my network?

thanks for any help.


p.s my user name on the g5 and macbook are exactly the same. is that a problem?

powermac g5, macbook pro intel core2duo, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • Jeffrey Lee Level 4 (2,500 points)
    Having the exact same username is most likely part of the problem. It's possible that the two systems have assigned it a different UID # and that's part of the problem.

    Create a new user on your laptop, then log into your G5 with the username and password for your G5 user.

    Then you should be able to read, write, create, and delete files with ease.

    Now with that said, because you've "messed up" some of your permissions on your G5, don't try this with older docs on your computer.. try to create new ones on your G5, then log in with your laptop and see if you can open and change them. Likewise, see if you can create and save docs from your laptop to your G5 drives.