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Are there any plans to add an option in the 'Info' panel's sync contacts choice dropdown for 'Windows Live Mail'?
There's currently "windows contacts", "outlook", and "Yahoo! address book" for contacts sync choices.
Problem is, in Vista, there's no more outlook express.
I used to sync iPhone to windows address book in iTunes, then in OE, you could add your hotmail account, then open 'address book', click tools/synchronize, and it would sync your windows address book with your online hotmail one.
Now in Vista, no more OE, there is Windows Mail(uses local 'windows contacts') and you can download 'Windows Live Mail' but it uses hotmail's online address book exclusively..
..and iTunes doesn't give the choice of 'Windows Live Mail' for contact sync.
so im not able to sync contacts between iPhone and Hotmail anymore.


iPhone, Mac OS X (10.4.10)