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I've had two chargers that have started to flake out. Sometimes they work just fine, and sometimes when they are plugged in the green/orange light does not light up at all. I've only had my computer since September, and one of the chargers has only been used for about 5 or 6 days! Has anyone else had a problem like this?

Macbook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    i only had the charger do that to me once, and unplugging it and replugging it fixed that so im not sure.

    did you not run the updates with the charger plugged in like is recommended? other than that i would say that it would be a computer issue not a charger issue if both of them are doing it. do you have access to anyone else's chargers or MBP?

    another thought could be that if for some reason they were MB not MBP chargers they got burned out but im doubting that and assuming that at least one of them was the stock charger

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Are you under warranty? There could possibly be a problem with your left I/O Board (where the charger plugs in).

    Do you have a friend with a MBP? If so, try your chargers on their MBP and theirs on yours to see if the problem is with the chargers or with your Mac. You could also do this at the genius bar of an Apple Store if you have access to one.

    Good luck!
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    The chargers themselves are broken (our office is entirely Mac - when the charger is not working, it won't charge another mac, but other Mac's chargers work fine for my machine). The question I have is whether the chargers were faulty, or if there is something wrong with my Mac which is breaking the chargers, or if I'm doing something wrong altogether. It is possible that my most recent charge was for an MB instead of an MBP, because it was a Christmas present (I am always leaving my charger at work and having problems so my wife suggested it to my Mom as a gift idea).

    Also, if I leave the chargers alone for a few hours or a day, it will usually start charging again the next day. So right now I'm just switching back and forth between them.
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    on the chargers it will list the wattage so you can tell mb from mbp ones

    if they work for a day then stop im going to guess they are over heating so there might be something wrong with your machine pulling to much power

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    It is not entirely clear just what is going on here--I have not heard of a charger that works intermittently. Usually it works or it does not work. I have heard that a MBP charger will work on a MB, but that a MB charger will not work on a MBP. My MBP charger says "ADP-85" on it, and I believe the MB charger says "ADP-65" (I don't have one to look at). So you don't want to get the two chargers mixed up. The MB charger might work briefly and then poop out, or it might not work at all.

    As to whether you are doing anything wrong, I doubt it. Plugging in a power adaptor is pretty simple to do, as long as the connections are clean and you avoid rough handling.

    So the first thing to do is to be sure both chargers are the ADP-85 variety. If you have a ADP-65 variety that doesn't work on the MBP, then try it on somebody's MB and see if it will charge a MB.

    Matt's idea of checking how hot they get is a good idea. My power adaptor gets warm but not hot. One that gets very hot could well have an internal problem.

    One thing to test would be to start charging when both the computer and the charger are cold. See how long the charger works and see if it has gotten very hot when it quits. Do the same with one that is known to be good. See what it does. If it continues to charge with no problem, then very likely the problem lies with the power adaptor and not your computer. If the computer had a problem, then it would affect any power adaptor that you used. If it does affect a known good adaptor, you may well have a problem with your computer.

    The adaptor that is just a few days old should still be under warranty. If it is the right one for the MBP (ADP-85), you should be able to exchange it for a new one. If it's actually a MB power adaptor(ADP-65), you might still be able to exchange it for the right one if you were sold the wrong one. If necessary, talk to an Apple Store manager if you go to an Apple store or to Apple Customer Relations if you have to deal with the on line store.

    Good luck!
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    today i was sitting at my desk chatting on msn. my ac adapter lit on fire. i kid you not, it flamed and smoked. almost had to get a fire extinguisher.. anywho, i live away from major cities so i guarantee you i will have to wait a week for a charger and will have to go about my life with a bunch of printed files off of this computer.
    i have only had problems with this **** computer. loose hinges, warped lid, dog ripped some keys off, and now this ADAPTEr. I am suddenly starting to think that this was the woooorst investment of my life, and considering that this is my second adapter, it is starting to show me that apple is CRAP.
    i can rant about this FOREVER.. but if anybody elses adapter has burst in to flame, drop me a line!!!
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    Bummer! But you are not the only one to have had this problem--I have read quite a bit about power adaptors doing this, particularly the earlier models. There seem to have been some that were defective, particularly some of the earlier models, and I believe the design has since been changed and the strain reliefs improved. I think you could try searching and turn up a few more instances. Hopefully Apple will be willing to replace the adaptor.

    As for the dog tearing off the keycaps, I don't really think you can blame Apple for that.

    But good luck on getting a new adaptor!
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    about the power adapter, this is an earlier model. i bought it in sept of '06 i think. i have gone through more than one adapter, which is pathetic. LEMON!
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    Thanks for the help!

    I checked, and they are both ADP-85. That's good to know. Thankfully, I haven't had the problem since I posted, but I've also started leaving it unplugged more often. Someone mentioned that they thought my power adaptor was hot. I've become accustomed to it as my previous PowerBook would get burning hot on occasion.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Do keep an eye on them, as they really shouldn't be getting so hot. It could indicate an internal fault of some sort. Compare the heat to others that you know are working correctly. If the new one is getting too hot, you might want to see about a replacement under warranty. My power adaptor gets warm to the touch, but never hot.

    Good luck, and thanks for the star!
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    I have had the same problem with both my old ibook and now with my new macbookpro. It is an intermittent problem. Sometimes it looks like the adaptor is not there at all, sometimes, the macbook is recognizing it but the lights don't come on, and sometimes the lights do come on. It does seem to get pretty hot too. I feel like there is a bad connection somewhere, but it is so random, its hard to tell where.
    I don't have a solution, but would be happy to hear any other thoughts on this!
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    well the ibooks (and power books) were notorious for that, the stupid little thing would slip out like.5 mm and then stop charging, total pia. the mag safe ones i personally haven't had an issue with so, from what people have been saying i would try to see if the little pins were retracting properly and then other than that call up apple

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    I bought my MBP on Jan 14, 2008 and brought it with me back to Kabul, Afghanistan. The first night, the lights dimmed and came back and the power supply blew even though it was plugged into a power strip behind a voltage regulator. On the same power strip was my G4 power supply and and an Airport Express. They were fine. So I had someone bring me two more power supplies (85 W Magsafe)from Dubai at about $130 each. The next one lasted about 8 hours before it blew. Same situation as before. It was behind a voltage regulator and on a power strip with my G4 and the Airport Express. The power went off for about 3-4 seconds and came back on and the Magsafe power supply blew. The G4 power supply and Airport express are fine - but the new one is toast. At this point, I am afraid to plug in the third one. I have not had one of the new Magsafe power supplies last more than 8 hours. Has Apple ever responded to anyone's concerns about these new power supplies?