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My 2.66ghz MacPro (2007)

i on occasion hear a whincing noise coming from the top rear of the machine. sounds like almost like hdd spin a very kind of whispery spin (not the seeking sound) almost more a spinning sound similar to a case fan.

im just alittle nervous because my surge protector was accidentally shut off a few weeks ago while my system was on and i ran Hardware tests to test any of the hardware and it has remained up and running since then. im wondering if this a normal sound, its not a consistant noise/sound but i hear it ever so often.

any info/advice would be appreciated! thanks!

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  • Forrest McElfresh1 Level 5 (4,115 points)
    Could be the fan that sits between the optical drives and the power supply spinning up in response to elevated temperature.
  • AppleNewton Level 2 (185 points)
    thanks, however its directly in the back of the PSU right near the top rear of the case almost near the power cable.

    ive closer inspected it and tried to figure out what is causing it as it only happens randomly for a certain time. maybe my surge protector isnt fully ground or theirs static in the singal?

    thanks though!
  • AppleNewton Level 2 (185 points)
    the noise has seldomly returned again after having a grey screen that has the Please Press and Hold Power button to shut down after i had to force shut down my system becaus ei was fast user switching and one account froze, im wondering how har dis it to replace the PSU in a macpro and how can i determine any sort of fault with it other than the noise.

    im really concerned, iam covered under applecare but who knows the next one wont be bad?
  • AppleNewton Level 2 (185 points)
    so i took it in and a genius didntreally have any idea what to say that said it sounds like PSU fan or some sort of hissing/voltage sound and that its "normal"...however it just doesnt sound "normal".

    its a really ackward hissing low pitch sound and i take it noone else has heard this on theirs?