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The Right-side fan on my 15" 1.83ghz macbook pro has possibly stopped - iStat Pro is showing it as running at 0rpm. I am confident at opening up laptop before to look inside. Would this VOID the warranty or if its done correctly, if it went in for repair in the future, would they know if the fan had been replaced - even if it had been done propely by myself?! I cant be without it for 3weeks which is what it always takes time wise to get it fixed.



iMac G5 iSight, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    I noticed the same on my iStat Pro widget so I ran the Apple Hardware Test from an old install disc (Tiger I think) which gave me an error report. I phoned Applecare to confirm the test results and was told it was a right fan failure. Rather than send it in to Apple I took the MBP to my nearest Apple Authorised Dealer and they had the fan replaced within two days. If you do the job yourself you run the risk of voiding the warranty but if you're competent enough to do it then how would anyone know otherwise? Good luck with whatever route you take.
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    It's really best to let Apple do it under warranty as there may be other issues. For example, the fan itself may work, but is not being activated because there is a faulty sensor that is not turning it on. And if one fan has been trying to do the work of both, then the one that is working may be compromised by excessive running. Finally, it's possible that heat from the fan not working could have damaged the logic board.

    The first thing to do is to run the Apple Hardware Test and see what it shows. It is on your Install DVD #1--instructions are on the label.

    Then you should go to a local Apple authorized repair shop as The Fat One has suggested and show them the results of your AHT. They might want to run further diagnostic tests. But they should be able to determine what is wrong and what parts are needed and order the parts in advance so that you could schedule a time for the repair and drop it off and pick it up in a day or two.

    It may even be that you could arrange for a loaner while yours is in the shop--you could always ask. But I've heard of this being done.

    I don't know if you have 3 year Applecare, but if you do, you paid good money for it so you may as well use it.

    But because your problem is likely more involved and expensive than just replacing one fan, I would really recommend arranging for Apple to do the repair.

    Good luck!
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    the main issue that my local dealer books the laptop in and then orders parts and the queue of stuff to be fixed is a 2-3 weeks wait. You cant just book it in and then bring it in when its ready to be repaired.

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    I've heard of much faster turnaround shipping the computer directly to Apple--like just 3 days or so. You call Apple, they send you a special shipping box, and then it gets fixed and sent back quick. I presume they have all the repair parts wherever it gets sent, so they can fix it immediately and ship it back. It would be worth a call to find out.

    What your local store is doing is just not acceptable. I gather it's just an Apple dealer, and not a real Apple Store? Don't bother with them--send it directly to Apple.

    Good luck!