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    I started having the intermittent trackpad/keyboard unresponsive problem a week ago, last night they quit working altogether, my MBP was unusable except with mouse and external keyboard. I found your post via a Google search (oddly nothing came up when i searched Apple support forums). I popped the battery out, saw the bow you mentioned, taped it down with some paper in between for added pressure, replaced the battery and restarted a completely functional computer! Thanks so much!

    My MBP is 2 months out of AppleCare (I missed my chance to extend by a couple days :^( but I think I'll drop by an Apple store next week to see if there is anything they can do to permanently address the problem that won't cost an arm and leg.

    Did I say thanks? Such a simple little thing, yet completely awesome.
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    Ok, I have the same ELP issue but its not related to hardware. Go figure. This issue occurs after I've been away from my machine for at least 5 minutes. The first letter I type on ANY keyboard (USB, Bluetooth, and laptop keyboard) is missing. Didn't Apple release a patch for this issue months ago?
  • leccie Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    very nice this!
    i got a big scare yesterday

    espacially because my macbook already got hit by a bookcase
    the screen cracked, apple said no to repair because it was my own fault
    which i also understand (a very little bit)
    i changed the LCD myself
    and yesterday all of a sudden my keyboard stopped!!
    this at least has got it going again
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    you are a genius.
  • +om Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I had the Unresponsive Keyboard and Trackpad again, AFTER a repair by apple a few months ago. D*mn! they replaced some hardware, at then the problem was solved..!

    it occurred to me that i was downloading and copying a lot again, and my MBP was feeling pretty hot.
    starting up first didnt help, after the second time the problem seems to be solved.. i had to put the batt out, disconnecting from power, then pressing the powerbutton for a second or two.. and letting it cool down several minutes.. and it is OK for now.
    I'll keep you posted when it happens again.. it is still very weird..

    Tip; use your external mouse and keyboard to save your work. (ae bluetooth keyboard/mouse)

    Hint; run app; Applications/Utlilities/System Profiler, and select usb, open all triangles, you won't see your "Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad" there, where they should be when both are working.
    gr TOM
  • +om Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    ..and it DID happen again.. and i still don't know why.
    and the piece of paper seems to solve this again for now.. so, thanx for the second time!
    i'm still hoping for a permanent solution..
    gr TOM
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    PROBABLY A SOLUTION. Same problem, my trackpad and keyboard used to freeze 3 to 4 times every day. I think I found a solution that is working for me. If you take the battery out you will see the connectors for the keyboard and the trackpad. It seems like there is a hardware problem with these connections which do not work properly due to warming conditions coming from the battery or there is some kind of contact between these connections and the battery due to the connections are a little loose. So I placed a plastic film between the battery and these connectors and the problem disappeared for 2 days now. In my case I used one of those films used to protect ipod screed from scratches.
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    Had this exact problem: keyboard + trackpad unresponsive. USB mouse and keyboard work fine.

    I rolled up a sticky note and placed it over the ribbon cable, works fine now. Also, putting the MBP to sleep then pressing on the cable wakes it, and restores the functionality to the keyboard and trackpad.

    AMAZING. I am downright shocked that this is a hardware problem. Oh well.

    Problem solved!
  • Mads169 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thank you ''mr. Problem-Solver''
    Wondoring why Apple don't put this under self-help !
    Cheers form Denmark
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    I agree good "detective work", and I am sincerely happy for all of you MBP owners that this has resolved this "locking up issue". However, ever since I have installed Leopard OS I have experienced the same problem. My Mac Pro locks up several times a day (everyday), in random applications and even when I boot up, as well as, just sitting idle running no applications other than the normal system processes.

    I know that there are several others experiencing this on their Mac Pros, the are several discussions on the Internet. The only resolution(s) given are the usual, which do not resolve the issue. Such as,

    Re-install Leopard * been there *,

    Run on an external HDD and reformatted my Boot HDD and re-installed everything, which was nice cuz I got rid of the kazillion widgets, screen savers, freeware and shareware apps that have been chewing up my HDD anyway * yep *,

    OPTCMD+PR to reset PRAM * I am seeing this keyboard combination in my dreams now; I am currently considering training my pet Bulldog (Lacy) to do this... I mean 4-keys, she has 4-paws, looks like a natural combination *,

    Repair Permissions * can do this with both hands tied now *,

    Run Disk Utilities * Disk Utility App, bought Drive Genius 2 "hummm, some genius" *,

    Open up box and cleanup and check all connections * I feel like a MAID these days... no insults intended for any real World Maids out there *,

    Would tape battery for PRAM; but Mac Pro doesn't have one * maybe I should open up the box and toss an EverReady in for good measure snicker *,

    Updated all Logitech, HP, Lexmark, Canon, Panasonic, Brothers drivers * even though this began happening before I installed any of these Apps in the first place, also, have all the most current APPLE drivers and Application updates *,

    Even purchased Net Barrier, Virus Barrier, Personal Anti-Spam * just in case some varmit was able to get past Apple's normal outstanding virus protection *,

    Turn off Energy Saver * even though this is not very ecologically prudent, did it anyway, GreenPeace folks will be on me for this I'm sure of it *,

    Rebuilt the Desktop * I knew this was a "bottom of the barrel... desperate... solution" * so I did it TWICE *

    I also use Parallels for MAC, so I even once cleared the Boot HHD and bypassed placing Parallels on it * nope, couldn't blame it on one of those NASTY Windows XP Applications ... RATS! *

    So, basically, I am at a TOTAL LOSS.... I had to jump on to my DELL Latitude to do work so many times now, that I added a Startup .WAV file that first emits the old "Renfield Laugh" then says "WhatsdaproblemStoopid' yer hotshot MAC Pro CRASH Again?" followed by the Renfield Laugh. Did this to teach me a lesson about "bragging about my MAC PRO" and rubbing it into my co-worker's noses cuz they all run PCs at home and not a MAC. It seems to have worked, cuz I haven't "bragged" since I installed Leopard. I hope none of those guys "surf this forum", I haven't told any of em' about my MAC PRO issues.... Pride before the Fall.... *sniff sniff sob*

  • BlueForce Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Steve Eugene!

    you're the man! thanks for the help!

    I taped a piece of paper (that is folded into a square) on the little metal thing so it doesn't move around. It works fine now.. I hope it stays like that forever.

    It just doesn't feel safe / right to do it, but for the convenience of it - I guess I don't have much choice. I hope it doesn't burn or get over heat or anything...

    My trackpad was working fine, only a few keys = 8 i k , wasn't working right. the arrow key "left" and "right" is messed up as well.

    I am using 10.5.5 and the macbook pro bought in Oct 2007. the old model, not the newest one.

  • ganarce Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    This is truly a godsend. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I'm far and away from civilization, I would have had to wait till january 12 to repair my machine and wait for weeks afterwards.

    It's shameful that Apple is having this kind of quality control issues: I have a powerbook titanium that has never required servicing. This machine, although wonderfully fast, has had 3 major problems already: a dead battery after 6 months, this dead keyboard issue and now the new battery is dying on me again. In 21 years using apple products I've never seen anything like this.
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    I've had this problem for a few months now. I'm actually on my 4th top case. Due to a dropping incident my MacBook's case has a slight bend in it. I think this is somehow causing the battery to rub against the ribbon. For a while I was able to fiddle with the ribbon to get the system working again but after trying to get it work consistently it was like the ribbon gave out. This has happened the 3 different trackpads and my 4th has just arrived, we will see how long this one lasts. I will try to put some sort of padding to protect/hold down the ribbon but I'm wondering if I should just try to re-bend my case or something.
  • Markus Danielsson Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    That isn't really reassuring. I got mine switched a few months ago, and the problems are starting to come back. The keyboard will miss keys, and the trackpad will occasionally stop working as well as the MBP randomly ejecting the drive. I'm going to try all the software stuff before sending it back again. But it really ***** if all they're going to do is switch the top case since that's obviously not the only thing that's screwed. It has to be a combination with the top cases and the connectors/casing. Otherwise having it return would be way too improbable.

    "Sadly" my current issues aren't 100% identical to the old ones, the freezes are shorter and I didn't get the eject that often before. So I can't check system preferences and see that the keyboard isn't connected. But it's useless as a notebook right now. Can't take it to class and so on. This is ******* me the **** off. I love Apple, and I want to be able to keep using their computers, but there's no way I'm ever buying a MBP again. A Macboook is as far as I'll be able to go after this kind of crap.
  • Blacktim Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    OMG!!!! IT WORKS!!!

    I've done all (and I do mean ALL) of the software fixes, but NOTHING!!

    Not at least, until I tried fondling with the ribbon under the battery. Presto!! it works!

    Man! a fully-blown out $2,800 MCP with about another $4,000 worth of software, only to brought down by a 5-dollar ribbon. C'mon Mac!!!
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