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I bought a package on AMAZON that included two cases and a car charger and an AC charger.
I just used the AC charger for the first time today and it's taking many hours to fully charge. What's weird is the USAGE setting on the iPhone is not registering a charge at all because it doesn't reset the time to zero (it currently says 13 hours since last charge).
Is this a bogus charger!?
I paid 30 bucks for this package but I may be under the false impression that Amazon doesn't sell junk.

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    If it doesn't say that it works with the iPhone, I wouldn't risk using it. I frequently charge my iPhone using a USB port on my MacBook Pro and it takes about 3 hours on a battery that is about 20% full. Never use third party charges unless it states it is made for the iPhone such as the Griffin Power Jolt.
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    Is the description you get from the product advertised on AMAZON assurance enough??
    The items were packaged and described for use with the Iphone.
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    Normally that would be good enough but you bought it from Amazon. The Griffin Power Jolt that I mentioned above works 100% with iPhone/Touch and all generation iPods and is sold at BestBuy and other stores as well as right on Apples website. The last is a guarantee that it works with the iPhone in that the description on Apples site states the fact as well.
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    Well it could be the charger. Have you used your charger that comes with the iPhone?

    If it works then yes it is the charger, if it does not then the iPhone is to blame. There is a battery glitch that makes the meter and usage time look as though you never charged it, when in fact the iPhone is fully charged.

    If after using the charger that came with the iPhone, it still registers the same, then Restore the iPhone and the battery meter should be back to normal.

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    Thanks for your comments.
    By the way, the products referred to above were bought on OVERSTOCK not AMAZON.

    The charger that came with the iPhone was used and worked. So it is this 3rd party charger that did not work properly and I am sending it back.

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