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I have a fifth generation 80 gig iPod video, which I purchased about a month ago when they were on sale because of the new generation coming out. This morning, I connected it to my PowerBook G4, and while the iPod realized it was connected and popped up the "Do Not Disconnect" screen, my computer doesn't seem to have reached the same conclusion on connectivity. Hence, I can not disconnect the stupid thing safely...

I've searched apple's FAQ, and am not getting anywhere. Does anyone know what happened here?


PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    A few more details:

    I have tried toggling the Hold button, with no results.

    I tried resetting the iPod, and it won't reset.

    I tried restarting the iPod, and it won't turn off.

    The battery is about 2/3 charged.