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I'm very new to Keynote and actually movies. I'd like to create a presentation that uses slides, QT Movies and specifically (wmv movies). How can I import the wmv movies into Keynote?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 4 GB RAM
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    Hi Bill,

    I presume you've tried importing them directly with no success. Have you got the Flip4Mac Quicktime plugin installed? This enables playback of WMV files with Quicktime.

    You can download the plugin from here: http://www.flip4mac.com/wmv_download.htm

    Hope this helps.
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    Yeah, you're gonna need to convert the WMV content to mov format with Flip4Mac.
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    To import movies go to the Media Browser and find the movie that you want in there. Then drag it onto the canvas. Open the Metrics Inspector and set it's properties there.
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    Yes the information did help as I downloaded the trial version of Flip4Mac and it does open all of my wmv files in Quicktime , however it will still not let me move the wmv files into the keynote presentation.

    Any thoughts?

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    WMV (Windows Media Video) is not a compatible format for use within Keynote. You will have to convert them to .mov files, however, there are no free applications to do that. They require a purchased license. Flip4Mac will allow you to try the process, but has a limitation of 1/2 the duration of the clip, up to 30 seconds. You choose Export in the file pull down menu in Quicktime, then choose your desired output format. If you want to buy it, you go to the F4M prefs and click on the upgrade tab. The other app that does conversion is called Visual Hub. It's not as full featured as F4M, but it's a little cheaper, and does an OK job.
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