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I got my previous iPod replaced because the headphone jack wore out. Upon receiving my replacement i found out that, after spending an hour or two in my pocket or in any slightly warmer place, the music the iPod was playing would become scratchy, static-y and eventually the iPod would go silent. It would still keep playing, but it would either not make any sound or make horrible static screeching noises. It isn't a jack problem because I just got new headphones, and the sound goes back to normal if i keep the iPod somewhere colder for a little while. wondering if anyone knows how to fix this, or if i should get this fixed. and if perhaps i can get it fixed without paying shipping, since i received a product that was faulty out of the box.

PC, Windows XP
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    Hey, just wondering if you ever found out anything about this. I also have this problem and it's getting worse! I have to hold it up against the AC vent in the car while I drive or it screeches and crackles and then cuts out. Also, if above 80 or 85 degrees out I am out of luck for listening to it. I have to place it into the refrigerator for a few minutes to get it to play. Frustrating and ridiculous.