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I got my MacBook about a month ago and it has been wonderful, but now, when I open the lid, if I try to play music or anything, it's like it's muted, but, it isn't and the only other experience I've had with something like this is that once my iPhone did this after I had unplugged my headphones, I plugged and unplugged them a few times and it's worked fine ever since. I tried doing this and it works, but, I want to know if there's anything I can do about this.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Pressing the F3 key mutes and unmutes the speakers. Pressing keys F4 and F5 increases and decreases the volume. Do these keys make any difference?

    Try running Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi Setup:
    - Select Audio Devices and set Default Output and System Output both to "Built in Output".
    - Set "Properties for" to Build In Output and examine the Audio Output Data. The source should be Internal Speakers, and the Format 44100 2ch-24 bit. Try adjusting the speaker volumes and clicking and unclicking the M (Mute) box.

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    Look in the audio out port when this happens again. Chances are the digital audio out has been activated and you will see a red light in the hole. Some Macbooks seem prone to this happening. I have never had it happen on mine. If it continues or really bothers you contact Apple to fix it. There is a little micro switch that by doing what your doing plugging in and out a few times will turn it off. Others have used a plastic toothpick to switch it off.