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Well - I'll spare you all the mind-numbingly painful excuses and rubbish I've heard from O2 and keep it as short as possible given the circumstances....

Bought and iPhone about a week ago - activated and I could send & receive calls in and out of UK. I could send and receive messages within the UK, and I could send messages OUT of the UK.

But nobody at all could text me from abroad.

So far I have tried it with a number of Italian mobiles - tried sending messages from mobiles on the Italian Vodafone network and the '3' network and the 'Wind' network - nothing arrives.

I called O2 - they said it was the problem of all of the Italian networks and I should call them - obviously a ludicrously stupid suggestion, even if I understand the logic they've applied (or rather somebody else has applied for them)

I went to the Apple store in London - spent 2 hours at the 'genius' bar testing my phone.

Sent 2 messages from two different Italian mobiles to the guy in the Apple shop's UK iphone - both arrived on his iphone no problem.

Put my SIM in his phone - messages now did NOT arrive - seemed to suggest faulty SIM

Tried his SIM in my iPhone - did NOT work - seemed to suggest faulty SIM and faulty handset

Apple were helpful but had no record at all of anybody having this problem. They suggested I might not have my international bar lifted - not true - international calls are enabled.

So - they gave me a new iphone - tried that with my SIM - still not working

Next day I got a new SIM card from O2 - tried that - still not working

Called O2 - they said it was not their problem basically - they said I had to contact the sending network in the appropriate country.....another ludicrous suggestion....

So - Apple has no idea at all what it is.....I've tried everything they've suggested.
O2 have been as helpful as a kick in the head - one guy in an O2 store even said 'perhaps O2 is not the provider for you then'......

Rock and a hard place....

The important thing is that anybody who is experiencing this, posts online - that way we may get some answers - can't imagine only a couple of people are experiencing this...

Any idea welcome naturally


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    Sorry to hear your woes. I've had no problems with this in Spain, which is the only place I've travelled to with my iPhone so far.

    Have you tried restoring the software on the iPhone out of desperation? Seeing as it still occurs with a new handset, it probably won't work though, but may be worth a try if you can't think of anything else for the moment.
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    tried restoring - many times - nada

    I'm curious to know if this is something just with texts from Italy though...