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Everytime I use the new map function and try to have it find my location it tells me it cannot find my location....it found it once but never again.

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    I have the same issue.

    Although if it can provide locations using wifi signals then how does it know where any wifi signal is being transmitted.

    For example, what is unique about my home wifi and my neighbors wifi that would enable a geographic location coordinates to be calculated?
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    I kinda get that....but then why pretend to offer that feature...there must be more to it than that....

    Plus, I was in the apple store, on their wifi and got the same thing.

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    You can send Skyhook your router's MAC address and location and they will add it to their database.

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    What's the point in that??? I could just put in my address if I wanted to do that.
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    yeah, but if anyone does that you can determine your location from anywhere on the world.

    the thing is that skyhook has millions of wifi networks in their database, but if none of them is in your range you cannot determine your location. the iphone has better chances since it also uses EDGE to determine your location, and in america and most european countries you have EDGE available almost everywhere. so it works better on the iphone.
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    Okay that skyhook thing (sorry not knowledgeable about that) if I put in my mac address then that only works when I'm at home...then to determine my location I'd have to do that everytime I'm on a different network??? right?
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    how do i send skyhook my info?
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    I received this response from skyhook, send an email to support@skyhookwireless.com

    We are happy to help you add or update your personal Access Point to the system. In order to do so you will need to provide us with the MAC Address of the wireless access point and your location (as latitude/longitude)

    1. Find your location as latitude, longitude
    First we need to determine the location of the AP. Go to Google Maps (http://maps.google.com) and find the location of your access point on the map. Center the map (double-click on it) on the location and then enter the following into your Address Bar:


    This will open a prompt giving you the latitude,longitude of the center of the map. Copy and paste that into an email. If you are having problems there is a little more detailed tutorial here: http://lifehacker.com/software/google-maps/how-to-find-latitude-and-longitude-26 7361.php

    2. Find the MAC Address of your wireless access point
    Next we need to get the MAC Address of your AP. This can be tricky, so its best to use software to find it. We recommend NetStumbler and iStumbler on Windows and Mac respectively. You can download the programs at the following links:

    Windows: http://www.netstumbler.com/
    Mac: http://istumbler.net/

    Find your AP in the list and the associated MAC address for it. Now paste the MAC address in the email.

    Now you should have a MAC address, latitude and longitude. Its good to recheck the location by pasting the latitude, longitude back into Google Maps to make sure its the right location. Once you verify it, send us the information and we’ll add them to the database. It may take up to a week before the AP is available when using your iPhone or iPod touch. If it after a few weeks you are still having problems, let us know.

    Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for the support and happy mapping