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Hey all, this is my first Mac product and I'm just getting used to it. Anyway, my question is how do I maximize my screen size? Like right now, as I am typing this, I clicked on the green plus sign but it didn't make it the size of the entire screen. Not sure if this is just how it is or what. It seems as if the display is only about two thirds of the width of the actual screen size. Any help you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated.


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    Click on the title bar of a window and drag it as far to the top left as possible, and then click on the bottom right corner of that window and drag it to the bottom right corner of the screen. Some windows may have a fixed size or position.

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    I have also had this issue and there is a way to add a bookmark to your browser and it will max out the screen size. javascript:self.moveTo(0,0);self.resizeTo(screen.availWidth,screen.availHeight) ; Add this to your bookmarks in Safari and I title it "resize", but it is a great little trick. Hope this helps!


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    Just copy and drag this to your BookMark Bar and name it " Full Screen"


    I hope that helps.


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    Just to add to the java script tip. It will work on most browsers such as FireFox, Camino, OmniWeb, and others besides Safari.

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    *How do I do this with other applications windows???*


    i'd been looking for something nice and simple to do this and just kept stumbling upon the old "mac is a different philosophy to windows" bull, as in that means that users wouldn't want one application window to take up the whole available space! for the number of mac users who are on laptops this seems odd, I think that maybe if everyone did have a 25in or bigger screen it wouldn't be such a big deal, but while i'm stuck on a 13in widescreen display, I need all the space I can get, and I don't want to have to manually do it. I've finally made the full switch to apple (after many many years of using both - i'm 23 and the first computer i ever used at 6yrs was apple!). but one thing that really bugs me is this my way or the highway behaviour, if ms has something good i don't see why apple shouldn't use it too, i mean windows was built on the notion of a gui developed by apple!!
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    Hi Adam, Now forgive me if this is a really stupid question but having having copied and dragged the script to my Bookmarks I now have full screen in Camino which is great but how do I reverse this and go back to my normal window size ?

    First off I just deleted the bookmark which clearly did not do the trick.Help would be appreciated.

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    The script merely resizes the window; it doesn't lock it. Click the green button and the window will change size or drag the lower right corner and resize it.

    You can also edit the script by changing the number parameters. This could be fun because then you'll see how the thing responds when you make changes.
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    Thanks very much for that Jonathan
    .What was happening was that each time I resized the window the next window I opened up was in full screen again so each new window I had to resize.
    However this seems to have sorted itself out now so we are back to normal.
    I will try editing the script tomorrow,it does sound interesting.
    Once again,many thanks for taking the time to help a novice like me.People on these boards are very kind and it is really appreciated.