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I am connecting to Xbox live with my AExtreme and a linksys gaming adapter connected to the xbox 360. I am getting connected, but with the Strict NAT setting showing in the xbox 360 configuration. I've tried just about everything I could find with the AExtreme settings to get the NAT to be open, but to no avail.

I've also heard that this problem is non existent if connecting via cat 5 to the AExtreme. Can anyone confirm this? I would test but cannot relocate my equipment to try. If this does loosen up the NAT, would utilizing an Airport Express in place of the Linksys adapter eliminate the NAT issue?

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    First, you need to realize that "strict NAT" is not a real setting on any wireless router. Instead, "strict NAT" is a term that XBox tech support people use to describe a router which blocks incoming internet traffic that hasn't already been requested by a device on your LAN, specifically routers that don't automatically configure themselves to allow such incoming internet traffic when a device like an XBox is connected to them. Therefore you won't find a configuration button to set the "NAT level" on any router.

    To use a "strict NAT" router with a gaming device like the XBox, you need to use a feature called "port forwarding" on your base station. This is a frequently asked question in this discussion forum - just do a search on the term "XBox port forwarding" and you'll get a lot of advice on this topic.
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    Henry, thanks. I've already enabled the port forwarding for the 2 UDP and the 1 TCP port for Xbox Live, however, either it does nothing, or the port forwarding within the Airport Extreme is not working (as I have seen others in the forum mentioning that port forwarding is not working in their airports).

    So, that leaves a question... if you can get around the strict NAT with a wired connection, could you get around the strict NAT with an airport express and the airport extreme making the connection with the xbox, since the strict NAT seems to be related to the wireless side of my network?
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    The "strict NAT" is created by your network's router (in the case, an Airport Base Station). It has nothing directly to do with your wireless network configuration. Any device connected to your private LAN is going to have to communicate with the internet across your networks's "strict NAT" router.

    The only way "you can get around the strict NAT with a wired connection" is if you cable the XBox directly to your cable/DSL modem. If you did that, you would not be able to share your internet connection with anything else at the same time, since you would have to disconnect your Airport Base Station.

    With regard to "port forwarding not working" - I too have read some of those posted messages, I don't know what to make of them. It is hard to believe this exact same feature works for some people and not others, which leads one to wonder if those who can't get it to work are encountering some other configuration problem that they are overlooking.
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    I have figured out my issue. With the new updates to the airport extreme, it allowed my connection with my liinksys access point to be "open", however, still could not enable security.

    I just upgraded the linksys gaming adapter to the airport express, and with it joined in my network with no hassles, I get a "wired" connection to the network on the xbox. I also can use WPA security on a wireless N connection. Everything is working as it should now.

    on a side... I'm lovin' the "air tunes" feature on the express, combined with the remote app for my iphone, I have a great stereo setup with a cool remote!!!