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AppleNewton Level 2 (185 points)
Im not sure if this is a question for macpro section or bootcamp, however i was considering on upgrading (selling towards) the Octo 2.8 MacPro.

my main concern is i have a 500gb internal drive in Bay2 for XP, if i remove that from there and slap it in the new Octo 2.8 will it still properly boot and function? or would i have to start over?

(because from my prior experience from building custom machines, id just have to re-resgister XP if it was similar hardware (mobo/cpu) but not sure if it will work okay?



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  • Fortuny Level 7 (21,435 points)
    Hi AppleNewton,

    the need for you to reactivate is quite obvious.
    If and how the 'old' XP installation will work in a new MP is something for 'Trial-and-Error'.
    Since the CPUs are from the same Design-Line and the Intel chipset (5400 - 5000) too, chances tend to be quite in your favour.
    Personally I would propose a backup of everything important, just in case.

    Good Luck

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)
    I think you have to do a system repair? and you may need to do phone activation.

    The Windows newsgroup is always getting questions along those lines.
  • AppleNewton Level 2 (185 points)
    Thanks fortuny & The hatter,

    i dont mind the phone activation, a whole lot better than having to reinstall all those dreaded updates and patches and everything else lol.

    but its no big deal, i figured id get some ideas before i delve into looking at getting an Octo-core.
    Im not sure if i use my Leopard install disc to load up the bootcamp drivers from there into the XP partition it might "Octo-proof" itwith the drivers for the hardware used in the newer macpros? lol no idea, but worth a guess.

    BTW what are some good utilities of making a clone of an XP Drive?

    thanks again!
  • Fortuny Level 7 (21,435 points)

    I still use WinClone http://www.twocanoes.com/winclone/ for a full image backup oy my XP. Be ware that WinClone only works when your Windows partition uses NTFS file system.

    As for the dreaded updates and patches, have a look at this little helper tool from the german computer magazine c't http://www.heise-security.co.uk/articles/80682
    It downloads the updates and patches from the Microsoft website in one run and makes an offline update CD from them, which you can use again and again.
    I find it quite helpful.

    Have Fun

  • BillF Level 3 (645 points)
    I actually moved a drive from a 2.66 that had bootcamp on it and it worked fine. I did not recall any issues with the reactivation. Now, I only had the drive in there for a little while, so I am not sure what happens when it does that little spin to the internet if you install a new MS program and it determines if you have a "Genuine" MS product. I am going to go out on a limb and say that the Apple users installing MS products maybe less likely to swipe the MS windows (but I could be wrong).