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Recently I had the software on my ipod touch as well as the itunes software updated. I soon realized that there was something really wrong. When I search through my music, 15 different cds have the same cover picture. I know for certain that I did not place Snoop Dogg's cover art on latin and classical music. Another issue is that other albums such as my enrique iglesias cd only show the correct image when im in cover flow and then choose the view the tracks at which point the tiny image at the top right hand corner is correct. However, when I tap it again it reverts to the incorrect image. Can you please tell me if this is a software glitch, if I should reboot, or just take the ipod back.

Toshiba M105, Windows XP, iPod Touch with 1.1.2
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    this happened to me i was like *** this is a movie pic as album art and cd covers on multiple songs. but u can easily fix it by restoring ur ipod and i havent had a problem since
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    Same thing happening to me. Art from podcasts downloaded from iTunes show up on album art of unrelated songs - imagine listening to a Dylan song and seeing the grinning face of Bob Edwards.
    Is restore the only answer?
    Any way to prevent this from happening?
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    Album art is hopeless at the moment.

    After installing the new apps, I had to restore my iPod and put all my songs back on from scratch. Only about a third of the album art came in, so I spent about two hours doing it manually, which was a pain. But eventhen, some of it is mixed up with podcast artwork.
    This really needs a fix. At the moment it's a joke.
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    i done eventhink restore is the answer. Hasn't worked for me yet. Busta Rhymes =/= Janet Jackson.
    I hope Apple has a fix for this soon.
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    This is an iTunes issue, no need to restore your Touch. Search album art in these discussions and you'll find out where to find and how to install the correct art in iTunes on your computer and then it should sync correctly with the Touch.

    As an example, I have the sound track from the movie Phenomenon and when I searched album artwork in iTunes it came with a Latin dance phenomenon. Even when I changed it in iTunes, I realized that some of the songs still showed the wrong artwork on the Touch. Going back into iTunes, I found my error, went into the individual song artwork and deleted the incorrect one, replaced it with the correct one and on my next sync all was well.

    Good luck!
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    Same thing happened to me. Usually the same album shows the wrong cover art, but sometimes it is a different wrong cover. Sometimes deleting all my songs and then re-syncing my phone will get rid of the problem but only temporarily. Is it possible that this only happens when you use cover flow? Maybe staying out of cover flow will keep the album art where its supposed to be?
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    Actually, this is not an Itunes issue. This is definitely a touch issue as there are 3 different album arts displaying for a song. One in portrait, a different one in coverflow, and yet another for the album preview. It is beyond annoying.
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    I always have this problem WHEN I interrupt a sync. As soon as I either stop it in itunes or by the "cancel" option on the touch that's when the problems start and I have to restore.
    It gets weird, too, sometimes the album art is a podcast, other times it's a different album entirely, sometimes it's the wrong art but when I flip the screen in the upper corner the correct album is shown.
    This should be fixed. As well as the album shuffle.
    iTouch. ******* children of iPhones and Nanos.
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    Yeah I have the same problem, but mine is even more messed up. For some reason all my album art is now missing too. Only new songs will display the new album art on my iTouch, but the new album art shows up on several of the wrong tracks from previous. It's all messed, I hope there's a fix for this soon.
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    I have this problem also coupled with the song cut-off issue on the touch see thread:


    Anyone else have song cut-off issues with missing or incorrect album art as well?
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    The sad thing isn't your cover art problem, it is the fact that you admit to having Janet Jackson (or Busta Rhymes) in your music collection