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I have four weird things going on with Mail.

1) When I am composing a message, it saves drafts every few minutes. If I am writing a long message, I can end up with a dozen drafts in various stages of completion. They do not go away when I send the message.

2) The number of drafts will always be one greater than the actual number of drafts in the folder until I look at the contents of that folder. Then it will go down to the actual number.

3) When I send an email, it appears in the sent folder as unread, with a blue dot next to it.

4) I have to quit and restart several times a day because mail seems to hang up. I generally realize it is happening because I see email on my iphone that is not in When I restart, the messages appear in the inbox.

I have two POP accounts that are joined together into an IMAP account at Fusemail. I'm just reading the fusemail account, so everything looks like IMAP to me.

Anybody else seeing this kind of behavior?


Powerbook 17, Mac OS X (10.5)
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