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I use Mail for both my work email (MS Exchange) and my personal email (webmail/IMAP). Many of my coworkers use Outlook's rich text formatting options, so I need to have my work emails go out as rich text. However I'd like to have my personal emails go out as plain text.

I can set Mail to create new messages in plain text, but to reply in the same format of the original message. That takes care of everything EXCEPT when I compose a new message using my work address... in that case it goes out as plain text, and my coworkers complain that they can't use formatting, because their copies of Outlook are in turn configured to reply in the same format as the original message.

So ideally what I'd like is to have two different formatting settings for my two different accounts. Anyone know how this might be done? Any plugins, etc., that might accomplish this?

Mail v2.1.2, Mac OS X (10.4.9)