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I own a MacBook Pro and for almost a year now the CD/DVD has acted strangely. It accepts DVDs most of the time but will never read CDs of any kind. A few seconds after putting the CD into the drive it spits it out as if it doesn't recognize it.

The optical drive for this computer is going to cost somewhere around $250, not to mention the labor at the repair shop. I, as a thrifty college student, am unwilling to pay such outrageous prices, but I have found almost no alternatives.

A friend of mine uses an external CD/DVD drive but I have been unable to find one. So, my question is, is there anyone out there that can direct me to a website where I can buy an external drive that is mac compatible and costs less than $250.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11), CD/DVD drive spits out all CDs
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    i use sometimes usb lg gsa-e50l, perfect with intel-mac's and you need only one cable.

    the funny thing is, that this dvd/cd drive has 1.6A and works like a charm and MBA's superdrive "need's" 1.5A and does'nt make any connection to non mba mac's ...
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    HI, ok so I may be in the completely wrong place, please correct me or send me to the right place if this is out of line. I am brand new to not only computers but my MacBook Pro and discussion forums as well. I have had my MacBook Pro about six months and love it. I have download plenty of cd's and watched movies on it. However all of a sudden the DVD/CD drive, when a disc is inserted, whirrs for about three seconds, stops, whirrs a second time (sorry for the non technical terms) then spits the disc back out. Never having read it. I have made sure I have the most recent updates, and I tried "reset" by removing the battery, turning everything off, and holding the power button down for 5 seconds, this "reset" did not work. I have had no other problems with the laptop. I have the applecare warranty so I can take it in, but naturally I leave on vacation in two days and wanted the dvd player for on the airplane!!!
    Any advice is greatly appreciated, and again I apologize if this is in the wrong place but this seems to be the only place I could get into to post a question that was near what the original post question was.

    Thank You,
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    You could start a post called my Macbook Pro always ejects my CD's vs. hijacking this one on a completely different subject. Try that.
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    i had the same, drive mine is a uj-85j, dead ..

    look at the console (program) and there in the "DiskRecording.log", you will find what the drive problem is ..

    mine had hardware failiure and apple care changed it in warranty.