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I cannot get iPhoto to print to my HP D7360 photosmart.
It won't print to the 4x6 tray, though it will print to regular 8.5 x 11 paper.

I've tried all settings in both the page set up menu and the HP advanced menues, etc. Are there compatibility issues?
I tried searching Apple's database for this and got nothing.
Mark using iPhoto 5.x I wouldn't mind upgrading to newer versions of iPhoto if I knew it would work properly.
Thanks Mark

iMac G5 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.9), 1Gig ram
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    Have iphoto 6 and just bought an hp d7200 yesterday. Am printing over an airport extreme. HP's software can find the 4x6 photo tray, but iphoto cannot. Prints 4x6 on the 8x11 tray. Any help out there?
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    Stumbled into the answer to the missing photo tray in iphoto (at least for iphoto6).
    Select the photo of interest, and choose export under the file menu. in the first dialog box that appears, you see 4 choices on the very top (file export, hp photostudio mac, quicktime, and something else).
    Select 'hp photostudio mac' and from there you can choose either the main tray or the photo tray. I tried printing from both trays, and it went fine. Printed wireless over the airport extreme, not a direct usb cable.
    What I have done up until now was to uninstall the drivers, reboot, reinstall the newest drivers via HP website, and add the printer through the OS printer utility while it was physically connected via usb. then moved it to the airport. Prints via photo tray (4x6) borderless just like HP's studio software.
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    You really meant use "export" in your solution rather than print?

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    yep. It seems odd to me too. I only noticed it when I was exporting images to an thumb drive. The HP installer must have placed it there, as it wasn't there before. However, it does allow iphoto to 'see' the photo paper tray AND the main paper tray, where iphoto wouldn't through its print menu. hopes this helps others.
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    Yes, that is very bizarre. I'll reference this thread to anyone else who is having trouble with printing from a photosmart. Thanks.
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    Thanks for this solution!
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    Mind you I'm runnig Leopard with iphoto 7 but i believe this might help. I have hp c6180 and to print from iphoto i first select the photo.
    - Then print (command+P)
    - this brings up a window that lets you select a border ect. It also has a selection for -printer -*paper size*- *print size* and presets.
    - in the paper size drop down select 4x6 in./10x15cm
    - then select print.
    -now your presented with the regular print window
    - click on the drop down that says iphoto you will be given some selections.
    - select *Paper Type/Quality*
    now your given three tabs ,*PAPER - COLOR OPTIONS - INK*
    - in the PAPER tab you will see Source. click on this and select photo tray
    - you can also select which paper type you want in this section, I use hp advanced because that's what comes with those ink bundles I buy.
    - now go up to the presets drop down and save this as 4x6 photo or something like that.
    from now on all you have to do is select that preset when you print from iPhoto.

    I hope this wasn't too confusing and I wish I could post screen Shots (i'll check a thread on how to do that later) I'm sure there might be something useful in here even if you are running tiger.
    best of luck

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    Macdaddi - that was the answer for me. Many thanks!
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    Yes! This is it.
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    YOU ROCK! This totally solved my problem. Thanks