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Since Apple TV only streams iTunes content, what do I need to watch iMac video wirelessly on my home flat screen TV. Thanks for any help

G4 iMac, 12" Powerbook, 2.8 Ghz iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    depend on your mac really if you got composite, svhs, component, dvi ,hdmi out from your mac you connect it to the tv and you're set

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    Sorry I don't really understand your question, is this with or without an tv.
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    this is without apple TV ... and to the second reply, this iMAC is about two months old ... I hope to wirelessly send video to the TV, what would I use? Thanks for any help, again.
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    When you say "iMac video" I reckon you mean either the videos you made from our iMac or the videos you loaded to your iMac? Your question is not very clear. Are you looking for something between you imac and your TV? Like a device to help you watch the videos from your iMac through your TV?

    I know at least two ways you can do that:

    1. component cable (connect your iMac to your TV via a video cable.
    2. Export your iMac video as ATV format: *.m4v and drag it to Library-->Movies. Sync the video to ATV. You will be able to watch your videos on your TV now.

    You can not wirelessly stream/sync contents from your iMac to any TV. You need at least a able or something like ATV.
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    Sending your video from your mac to the tv is exactly what the tv is for, you are not going to achieve this without it or some similar device.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I may be unclear ... there's many downloadable videos, or even DVDs, which Apple doesn't have available through their iTunes library ... hence my hope for not using iTV. I am looking to wirelessly send these to the HD TV I have in one of our rooms. I have connected with cable but prefer a RF arrangement of some sort. I see units like fly Image, X 10 or RF Link which claim to send video to a receiver plugged to a TV. Thanks again for any direction on this.