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I recently got a nice deal on a new mac mini (1.83 Ghz /core duo) on eBay to work with digital photos, including large RAW files. While it might be somewhat subjective, is there a significant difference between the "core duo" and "core duo 2" chip sets? I assume there is very little difference for many common tasks (surfing the web, using MS Office, using iTunes, etc.). But how about working with large RAW files in adobe Photoshop and Light-Room? I will put 2 GB of RAM in it. However, if the core duo 2 chip set provides a notable speed difference, I might sell the mini I bought (still unopened), and upgrade. In general, when does one see the difference between the two chip sets. Thanks for the help.


Mac Mini 1.83 Ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.1)