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David Dennis Level 1 (45 points)
Could someone please explain, in words comprehensible to the layperson who is just getting into music creation, what the differences between these programs are?

They seem like they do essentially the same thing except that Logic Pro has more instruments and features.

Would I benefit in any way by getting Logic Pro instead of Soundtrack Pro to compose music? I've been composing music with the Apple Loops in Soundtrack Pro and really like it, so I'm wondering if Logic Express or Pro would make things even better, or if they would be a waste of money.

The music is being composed for a haunted house venue where it's going to create an atmosphere, not where truly great music is needed. In other words, it's probably fine if it's nothing but artful combinations of Apple loops, but I'd like to make them as artful as possible, if that makes any sense.

Many thanks for any thoughts.