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When I try to install iTunes, I get a message saying Bonjour Service (Bonjour Service) failed to start. I looked it up and most people said to turn off the firewall, so I turned off the Norton firewall, tried to reinstall iTunes, and got the same result. Can anybody help?

Windows XP
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    Let's check to see if anything can start the Start the Bonjour Service on your PC just at the moment.

    Right-click "My Computer", and select Manage.

    Expand "Services and Applications".

    Click "Services" (you might want to maximise the Services Window to see what's going on.)

    Find "BonJour Service" in the list of servise, select it, and click "restart the service".

    Does the service start? If not, do you get an error message? If you get an error message, what does it say? (Include error message numbers if you're getting any.)
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    after doing all of the above, an error pops up and says:

    'Windows could not start the Bonjour Service on Local Computer. For more information, review the system event log. If this is a non-microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error -1.'

    what does all this mean?
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    +'Windows could not start the Bonjour Service on Local Computer. For more information, review the system event log.+

    Good gracious. That's a new one on me.

    We'd better look in the System event log, then.

    Right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage". Click "Event Viewer".

    Doubleclick the system log, and look for an error or warning event that took place at the time that you tried to manually start the Bonjour Service.

    Doubleclick the event to bring up the "Event Properties" window.

    Note down the Source, *Event ID* and Description of the event, and report back with what it says for those categories.
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    I have been having the exact same problem. When I try to install, it won't let me start the Bonjour Service because I "may not have administrative authorities." I am using the administrator account when I do this.

    I get the same error message as the other guy when I try to manually start it.

    Error Log
    Source: Service Control Manager Eventlog Provider
    Event ID: 7024
    Description: It does not appear to be there.
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    I had the exact same error message but the description reads as follows:

    The Bonjour Service service terminated with service-specific error 4294967295 (0xFFFFFFFF).

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
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    I can't install the new version auf iTunes because of the "bonjour failed to start" problem. I tried to install with admin rights, as Administrator, with firewall and antivirus software disabled - nothing helped. Why can't we users and customers choose before the installation of iTunes if we want Bonjour or not, like with the Safari installer? I wan't to be able to hear the music I paid for, again. So please Apple do something about this issue, these forums and many others are full of questions and problems about Bonjour. Thx for your help in advance!
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    Trying to upgrade to newest ITUNES also happened about 2 months ago when i was trying to install Safari Beta.

    Same problem, get this error The Bonjour Service service terminated with service-specific error 4294901747 (0xFFFEFFF3).

    Nothing I have found so far works, the virus protection is off, the firewall is disabled. I have gone in to msconfig and disabled the startup stuff. NOTHING works. ANY ideas ANY one.
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    Yet another example of "revolutionary" Apple software <rolls eyes> that's keeping me from listening to the music I've paid for.

    Same issue here. Reinstalling Bonjour has no effect. Firewall and anti-virus are both disabled. The service fails to start with the same error code (4294967295) noted above. OS is Windows XP Home.
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    Got it to finally WORK!!! Open itunes and go to help and check for updates, it will bring up a box that ask if you want to update, tell it yes, then it will bring up another box showing you the Itunes + Quicktime, and at the bottom it says quit or continue. At the top of that box there is a an option that says TOOLS, go to tools and click DOWNLOAD only, then run the itunes installer that it downloads. That is what I did and it finally worked. It did not try to install bonjour.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks! Your suggestion really worked for me when I was upgrading my iTunes to
    Although it can be a little troublesome, I suggest everyone to try this method first...
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    Hello Matt,

    Have you had any luck with the 4294967295 Bonjour Service related error message mentioned in your post? Im facing exactly the same problem on my Windows XP Home PC. In my case im installing afresh, not upgrading from an earlier version. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I'm also running into the same issue on Vista Ultimate 64. Bonjour suddenly stopped working and won't start anymore and won't install. This means I cannot use Extensis Suitcase or Adobe Version Cue and I need those apps for my work. I'm at my wits end with this problem and none of the solutions offered here work (or are applicable in the first place). Do Apple people ever post around here or read their forums?

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    thats great!

    However I'm trying to install 7.6 on a computer that hasn't seen an update of ANYTHING since '05 (no net) I can't do this trick on mine as it is up to date already. Help!!
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    I had the same problem because during the initial installation of iTunes I blocked Bojour and another application from accessing the internet. I went nuts trying to figure out why it said I should check if I had admin rights and, also, checking the Windows Firewall. But it had to do with McAfee Personal firewall. Even turning the firewall off just for the installation didn't work. Turning off the McAfee firewall still doesn't allow access to previously blocked sites. You have to go to internet applications and delete the blocked sites. I think there was 3 of them. Bonjour, msDNSresponder and something else. Sorry, I can't remember exactly what it was. PS: don't forget to turn the firewall back on. I hope this helps.