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Ed Schummer Level 1 (70 points)
OK, so I'm a total Noob to servers and such, trying to set up a small home/ home office network.

I was going to tie together a Quad G5, two iMacs (both Intel, one on Leopard, one on Tiger), two (occasionally) traveling MB Pro's, and the odd guest with a Windows laptop. I have an older G4 Mini and an external 500 GB drive, that I thought would do OK as a server (just running Leopard Server), until I read somewhere on here that OS 10.5 Server likes to have a fair amount of memory, and I only have 1 GB in the Mini.

Right now all this is running on an Airport Extreme (with a couple of airport subs) with the usual slew of problems synchronizing calendars, mail, sharing files (particularly photos and video), etc.

I've already bought Leopard Server, but am now hesitating on the hardware. Any advice on that?

Many thanks,

Quad G5, iMac Duo, , Mac Mini G4, MBP 2.0 x2, Mac OS X (10.5.1)