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So I've been having a problem with my battery due to an excessive amount of heat coming from my MBP.

Basically this has come up rather suddenly over the past few weeks. My notebook has gotten unusually hot when running one program as basic as Microsoft Word. Now, I keep it clean, keep it ventilated, and have tried it on virtually every surface. It gets hot without fail. Now, what would normally happen is it would get really hot when streaming videos or editing or basically something that's actually taxing on this machine's memory. That would reduce the battery life, but now that the heat is up there all the time, my max battery life is less than two hours.

I checked the stats on my battery in system profiler and it's in good health. I took it to an Apple store (although i will go back because the dude was kind of rude to me) and this guy did a stress test on it and told me to calibrate it.

I've had my mac since summer 2007 and since the dude told me, I've calibrated it at least 5 or 6 times. Not. One. Difference.

I figure if the battery heath is good, at least according to the stats, then there must be a minor heat problem or something. The stress test passed and the dude told me macs get hot, but I KNOW that this is not normal behavior. Opinions?

Macbook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    I was having problems similar to that, my computer would get so hot for no reason and the battery life would not last AT ALL, but what might help with cooling it down is if you get a laptop fan. After I got one my battery life lasted longer and my computer was definitely not as hot as before. Hope that helps!
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    what I don't understand is how my macbook pro can go from functioning like what I considered to be normal to OMG I GET HOT WHEN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS RUNNING! Like I simply had the desktop on and i walk out, walk back in the room, and the fans are on high. Its like...why the change all of a sudden?

    I know my battery would last longer if this thing would function the way it used to

    I have time machine and almost wanna take it back ot a previous date to see what'd happen...
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    did you check your "Activity Monitor" to make sure no process is eating the CPU resources?
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    I have that, what seems normal for that, if you had to guestimate? Like...there's a while list of things and I see the two processors at the's all green and one's mostly black.
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    There are a couple of things you can try:

    First, run the Apple Hardware Test and see if you get any error codes. It may well be that a thermal sensor has failed or a fan is failing. Do both fans run at roughly the same speed or at very unequal speeds? And how fast are they running when the computer gets hot?

    Another thing to check is Activity Monitor. Set it for all processes. Look for excessive CPU usage when you aren't doing much--you may have a process running in the background which is using lots of the CPU. This too can cause heat and shorten battery life.

    It sounds like something has happened which is causing this excessive heat and the shortened battery life is a secondary effect. You need to track down what is causing the heat problem. Once that's found and fixed, your battery life should return to normal.

    Good luck!
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    I dunno how to do the test, but looking at the activity monitor with the settings you've said. The top thing with usage is kernel_task...dunno what that is....
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    The Apple Hardware Test is on Install Disc #1 of the grey discs that originally came with your computer. You boot to it by holding down "D" as you start up.

    As for the kernel_task, on my MBP the CPU is fluctuating between 1.8 and 2, the number of threads is 57, the real memory is 126.13, and the virtual memory is 1.15 GB Intel. Is yours comparable to this or much more?
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    Actually my kernal task was lower, so it's probably not the problem.

    I have to go home from school to get the test cd though and when I go home I plan to try another apple store and just say, "look, it passes the stress test but it's behaving like I'm running after effects, photoshop, and final cut all together."

    I dunno what good it'll do me because I feel like the genius bar treats you like you're ******** with these machines. I guess I'll have to make it clear that I've calibrated it, left it on a table, kept it clean etc etc.

    I was getting so hot last night just typing this message, the fans were like a jet engine. Oh well....I have apple care and if the computer fries for no reason I should probably get a replacement.


    Seriously, I just want them to take a look inside and see what the deal is.
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    i was experiencing the exact same issues. super hot computer, shorted battery life. i have a MBP 15" purchased in september. after the battery life got pretty short recently, i took it in to an apple store, they checked the battery health and it appeared about right, but after a few more complaints she was very helpful and she replaced my battery.
    everything is better. WAY BETTER. computer is not getting nearly as hot, battery is lasting a solid amount of time, and i have not heard the high power fan a single time. although it has only been a week, so far it has been a huge improvement.

    go back to the store. complain a bit more. get a new battery.

    good luck.
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    Your local Apple Store should be able to run the Apple Hardware Test for you from one of their discs, if you don't have yours with you. But when you do go home, make yourself copies of your install DVD's to take back to school with you--the licensing agreement allows you to burn a "safety" copy of each disc. You can keep these copies handy and use them to test your computer, and keep the originals put away in a safe spot.

    Good idea to visit another Apple Store. Some of the earlier MBP's did run hot and this was considered normal. I'm not so sure that it really was, but there are Apple guys and there are Apple guys if you get my drift, and I think at least some of these guys think the excessive heat is normal and their eyes just glaze over when you mention it and you don't get taken very seriously. But if you get something concrete like an error code on the AHT, they have to take you seriously. And good that you have Applecare--it'll cover anything that's wrong.

    But do check activity monitor next time your Mac gets super hot and the fans start to blast. Right now with Mail and Safari and Activity monitor open, the % idle on my CPU is 85%-89%. If you have just 2 or 3 applications open and don't have this much idle, look through the processes and see if something is hogging the CPU that shouldn't be.

    Good luck!
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    So I went to the store and got a new battery. It has a little more life in it, but guess what? Still runs hot and doesn't get to use the full capacity of the battery.

    I even turned the stupid bluetooth thing off cuz it was a waste. No difference. Im wondering what could have happened that's causing so much stress in the computer that it gets so hot and saps the battery like that.
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    Oh and did I mention that running safari ( and i mean basic websites ) still makes my MBP SCALDING hot!!!

    I wont rest until this issue has been resolved.
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    Yes do keep after this--there is definitely something wrong.

    Keep an eye on Activity monitor. I have 3 applications on, and the %idle is 95%-98%. The CPU usage is shown as practically all black, with just a few red and green dots along the bottom. Both boxes are mostly black. If you have one that is mostly green, like you posted earlier, then something's going on.

    Do you have iStatPro? It's a widget you can download from the Apple site. You might post some actual temperatures when everything is so hot, and others of us can post some for comparison.

    But definitely keep after this--this heat problem is not normal. And you need to find the root cause.

    Good luck!
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