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I recently update my itunes software to 1.1.3 (which took forever) and i put my ipod inton recovery mode because my ipod froze so i went to itune to restore it an it says unable to restore my ipod it is frozen in recovery mode what should i do

Compaq, Windows XP
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    I have exactly the same problem . . .

    Did you find a way to resolve this issue??
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    My one has the samae behaviour. It extracts the restoring software and freezes. It says, cant restore itouch for an unknown reason...Whar should we do apple guys??
    I presume the USB port gives a timeout break or whatever.
    Please help us
  • Dave_Beaudoin Level 2 Level 2 (210 points)
    You can give this a try

    1- uninstall itunes through add/remove along with apple mobile and Quicktime
    2- Download latest Itunes and Quicktime and install both check to make sure they are both up to date
    3- unplug any other USB device that's attached other than keyboard and mouse
    4- turn off ipod and attach it to your system
    5- With IPT attached press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for at least 10secs until apple logo appears
    6- hopefully windows will recognize the IPT and you try and restore again.
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    Try this:

    1. Power off the Itouch. Disconnect from the computer.
    1b. Insure that you have the latest Itunes.

    2. Press and hold the power AND the menu button.

    3. When the Apple logo appears, let go of power but keep pressing the Menu button. As soon as the apple comes up, Count to 10 seconds exactly.

    4. Plug in the Ipod and if Itunes doesn't open by itself, then open it from the Start menu on your PC.

    5 . You should get a message that the IPOD is in restore. Hit the restore and it should update.

    IF this fails, write back.
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    Thanx Dave,,,I´d give it a try but apple guys here in Brazil took a look at my IPT and unfortenately said, based in their initial tests that my ipod had a factory problem, As this ipod was purchase in England it will take about 30 days to a new unit came to my hands. They asked me two more days to keep testing it and soon will give a final answer. Of course I was disapointed, but had to trust them, although I think it was the first unit they could see here in Brazil. Anyway I appreciate your sugestions and will keep u informed.
    Question??How is apple going to give me a neu IPT 8 GB if they decided to issue just 16 and 32 GB? Will they send me a 16GB instead?? That would be a gift caused by such frustration,,,Let´s wait
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    Ok Guys i think i know what you have to do if you have another computer with itunes on it try restoring it there it worked for me