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I just purchased an iPhone about a week ago. I had some trouble setting up my email account after upgrading to 1.1.3, but was finally able to complete the sync to my POP server with the help of several posts in this forum.

My question is when you sync Outlook with the iPhone is it suppose to duplicate? That is, are you suppose to be able to see folders created in Outlook on your iPhone? I have several folders under my inbox that do not show up on the iPhone. And not all the emails in my inbox came through with the sync. It still says “Load 25 More Messages” but nothing shows up when I click on it.

Does anyone know?

Contrary to many posts I am able to sync using Outlook 2002, but I'm wondering if an upgrade to 2007 would give me “full” mail functionality in iPhone.


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    When you set up pop or imap email on your iphone it can only download or see what is on the email server. Syncing your email on the iphone with your computer does not sync the actual email itself, just the email settings.

    Now the nature of pop3 is that all the email and folders are housed locally on your computer and not on the email server. So, any folders that you have in your email are seen only by your computer and nothing else. Also, when you download email to your computer the copy that is on the email server is erased. This is done to save space on the email server.

    Now, if you have an imap email like .mac or gmail, you can create folders in the email and that change is reflected back to the server. So, you can access the imap email from multiple devices to see the exact same email, and any changes done from any computer is reflected back to the email server so the changes can take effect on all other devices you access that email account with.

    So, in essence the folders that you have on your computer with your pop3 account, will not sync to the iphone.

    Hope this explanation helps out.
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    Damon -
    Thank you for your quick response. I kind of figured as much but just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing a setting or something. I assume this is also the reason why I'm not to view emails downloaded to the server prior my 1st Outlook sync.

    Do you happen to know if I can create folders in iPhone to manage my incoming emails? And if so, would it sync with Outlook?
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    No, you cannot create folders on the iphone.

    What you might want to do is sign up for a yahoo or gmail account.
    They are free and you get a good idea what you can do with an imap account.

    This way, you could forward your email to your gmail or yahoo account for your iphone and still have the copy on your pop server for your computer.

    Hope this helps.
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    That makes sense. I'll check into it. Thanks again. This was VERY helpful!