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Is it possible to connect external eSATA drives to a MacBook Pro? If so what do you need. I want to take advantage of the speed gains.


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Solved by Rod Hagen on Feb 6, 2008 4:22 AM Solved
You'll find one option at http://www.sonnettech.com/product/temposataexpress34.html , Reelsick and another at http://firmtek.com/seritek/seritek-2sm2-e/

Bear in mind, though, that eSata will only be a little faster than FW800 (which current MBP's have built in), so you may want to consider whether the price of the additional card is worth it when compared to a FW800 drive if you have a FW800 capable MBP. Barefeats have some useful reports on speed comparisons of the different interfaces -see, for example, http://www.barefeats.com/rosa06.html